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Best Lightweight Linux Distro 2017

Very Small Linux Distros for 2017: We have advanced into the new millennium of better technology which brought along better hardware. The last system we used was probably an i3 processor with 1GB of RAM and a pretty cool configuration during the times old enough to remember to miss high school. But we have grown out of that phase, and so has technology. There is a better way to recycle your PC. You can revive it with a lightweight Linux Distro. Let us have a look.

Linux Lite

Linux LiteLinux Lite, as the name suggests is a Lighter version of the Linux which we use these days. This has a simpler configuration as compared to what hardcore programmers use. It is supported by Ubuntu LTS, Long Term Support which provides updates for a period of 5 years. It is a very robust distro and great for first-time users with lower hardware configuration.

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Crunchbang ++

Crunchbang ++Crunchbang ++ is also known as CB++ or Crunchbang++. It is a clone of the long dead Crunchbang Linux which was renowned for its light weight and simplicity. This distro is based on Debbie 8 with minimum design interface and supported around with the lightweight Openbox Window Manager. It has a simple and sleek interface.

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Bodhi Linux

Bodhi LinuxBodhi Linux is one distribution which gives life to the long dead PCs and Laptops. It doesn’t have any frills of software attached and doesn’t need any high memory capability to run. It is loaded with a Window Manger which is its sole speed trigger. It is called Enlightenment. Being lightweight doesn’t stop it from helping you install new applications. It is a great distro for lightweight PCs.

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LubuntuLubuntu is inherited to the father Ubuntu but has lesser number of packages when compared to Ubuntu which makes it all the more light weight. It has specialized speed and support for older hardware. For optimum performance, use applications which use a lower amount of resources. It is a lightweight system but still loaded with much application software.

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Puppy Linux

Puppy LinuxYou would be surprised to know that Puppy Linux is hardly 200MB in size and is all the more speedy and lightweight. It can be booted from a USB/CD/DVD which can be removed after installation and a smooth distro are delivered. It is very fast as it saves the entire RAM. It doesn’t come with loads of applications which justify its size.

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