Best ZenMate Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to ZenMate 2017: ZenMate is very easy to use Browser plugin and it provides a VPN solution as well as encrypt all your browser traffic and also routeing it through our ZenMate cloud to deliver a secure and secluded browsing experience. It does not consist of internet restrictions.Also, the geo-switching options will allow you to entree blocked content from anywhere you want. Some of the alternatives are as follows:


Cocoon makes The Web a better place by taking care of your online privacy, online safety and putting the end to spam. All with a humble browser plugin.Cocoon defends your privacy letting the websites and advertisers see only by Cocoon computers, not by your computer.

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This ZenMate alternative is open source contains all of the latest features of our commercial products and it is available for you to run off your home or your business computer.Psiphon Open Source is the stand-alone version of Psiphon software which is available for free download to anybody.

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This ZenMate alternative is a fancy new app for the Windows and Mac which lets you “tunnel” your Internet connection throughout their US and UK server. It functions are same as VPN which makes you access the US and the UK restricted website.

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Freenet is free software which makes you anonymously share files, browse as well as publish “free sites” and do chat on forums, without any fear of censorship. Freenet is dispersed to make it less susceptible to attack, where the users only connect to their friends, and also it is not easy to detect.

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This ZenMate alternative is one of the easiest ways to connect to the web without the censor or restrictions. It has bypass internet restrictions and it unblocks all websites. It usually accesses to the censored websites by the government, school or any workplace. Betternet removes all of the boundaries with its free of cost VPN service.

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Tunlr won’t be slow down your connection like other traditional VPN services. Flowing happens directly between your device and also the content that you’re streaming. You can get all the content from the major locations.

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This ZenMate alternative is also an anti-censorship software for the secure as well as fast Internet access. It was simply developed and maintained by the Dynamic Internet Technology Inc.), which is a pioneer in restriction-evasion operation.

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This ZenMate alternative is the framework for secure peer-to-peer schmoozing that does not even use any central or by any other trusted services. It is a first service that is implemented on top of the networking layer that allows anonymous restriction-resistant file-sharing.

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Supernet is the best VPN client which can access any of the websites from any country and it can protect your privacy. It’s free of cost, unlimited, fast as well as easy-to-use. It does not consist of any registration and even has no logs.

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JonDo is the free proxy software for retrieving and called as JonDonym mix cascades. The JonDonym nameless proxy technology is totally based on the principle of the layered encryption, delivery and on processing.