Best Yoga Apps for iPhone 7 2017

Yoga Apps for iPhone 7: Doing regular exercise is one of the most important things especially for working professionals who are stuck up in 8-9 hours of desk job daily. Taking out time out of your busy schedule to hit a gym or any fitness centre can be a daunting task. However, one can chose to practice Yoga at their home which can keep them fit and going throughout the day. Doing yoga these days is not all a difficult thing to do especially with so many yoga apps available on your iPhone.

Installing best Yoga app in iPhone is a simplest thing to do wherein you can find number of Yoga postures and exercises to practice. In order to make your task a bit easy, we have brought forth some of the best and widely used Yoga apps for iPhone which can be used for practicing and exercising daily.

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga app for iphone 7

As the name indicates, it can help you have access to Yoga sessions that can be implemented a daily routine in your life. It is considered as one of the best and user friendly apps that include more than 500 different Yoga practices. In order to create a perfect workout environment, the apps features background music while showing different Yoga poses. One has the benefit of opting for any Yoga session as per their need and requirement.

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iYoga Premium

iYoga Premium app for iphone 7

Those who like to perform years old Yoga exercises just for the sake of increasing one’s flexibility and also to do stretching exercises. They can probably download the iYoga Premium app on their iPhone. This app features 3D anatomical illustrations of various stretching exercise and also provide details regarding benefit of each and every pose.

Download iYoga Premium from AppStore

Fitstar Yoga

Fitstar Yoga app for iphone 7

One of the most widely used Yoga apps is Fitstar Yoga app which is compatible with iPhone. The app features various helpful basic to advance Yoga sessions for people who do not have time to hit the fitness centre. It comes with numerous yoga postures, poses and sessions. In addition, ideal feature of the app is the ability to get synced with any of your fitness wearable in order to track steps, calories and other things as well.

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5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga app for iphone 7

5 Minute Yoga is an amazing tool for people who have no time to perform physical exercise from their busy schedule. It provides short 5 minute yoga session for beginners as well as for quick learners. Whenever you feel the scarcity of time just open up the 5 minute yoga session from the app and get relieved from any stress or pain in a hassle free manner.

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Universal Breathing: Pranayama

Universal Breathing Pranayama app for iphone 7

This very app takes you through various breathing sessions which in itself are a very relaxing form of exercise. This exercise can help you get rid of any breathing disease or asthma. Plus, it can also help you improve sleep, enhance athletic endurance and also help in the betterment of mood, stress level and pain. So once you are done with the exercise, you would surely feel a difference in your body and stress levels.

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