Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Yahoo Pipes 2017: Yahoo Pipes is a web application developed by Yahoo for the users to build data mash ups that collect web feeds, web pages and other services and gather them in one place for later use. Unfortunately, the application was suspended by Yahoo and has been discontinued permanently.Here we are listing some of the most famous Yahoo Pipes Alternatives to consider


Almost being similar to Yahoo Pipes, this yahoo pipes alternatives is one step ahead in offering the users an advantage in setting parameters to trigger the mentioned interactions. However, it is almost similar to yahoo pipes to the point that mix together different structured RSS feeds from other apps.

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This yahoo pipes alternatives offers the same feature of streamlining data from different websites and also one can share them on social networks or can save them to their cloud storages. Zapier even offers an entire database of Zaps that many other users have created for other apps.

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This is yet another yahoo pipes alternatives where you can aggregate the data from other websites for your own use. The additional feature with Magic is that, once a URL is placed, the application will automatically retrieve all the structured data feeds present at the URL link.

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Although FeedsAPI does not offer a free version of it, this is a yahoo pipes alternatives in the sense that it does exactly the same thing of extracting full text RSS feeds from various websites, customize them and even can distribute them to other channels.

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This yahoo pipes alternatives is a free application hosted on GitHub, operated through Superfeedr technology and uses Heroku to host your application. Operating this application requires the user to be knowledgeable of the Heroku Beta, for hosting the application on Heroku.

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This app does an application by being the best yahoo pipes alternatives if what you are looking out for is aggregating feeds from different websites, filter and sorting those RSS feeds, mashing up several RSS feeds into one and sharing your aggregations across different social media networks.

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Although not a clone for yahoo pipes, this yahoo pipes alternatives does resemble the same look and feel to the ones who are using it. It will be liked specifically by those people who liked the graphical user interface of yahoo pipes.

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This is the most advanced version of IFTTT, and is a best yahoo pipes alternatives if you are into some major work and need some advanced application for collecting all the information you want from the internet. Using over 400 analytic modules in the application, you can analyze and visualize data.

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RSS Perlocator

Using this application, you can merge a few RSS feeds by bringing together and sort and filter out the entries that you don’t want. Moreover, you can also give your mash up a new name, nice title and description.

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Even though there are some technical difficulties in accessing the Clickscript website, you can get the application software from the GitHub as it is an open source application.