Best Xpadder Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Xpadder 2017: Xpadder pretends the keyboard and mouse exhausting your gamepad.Xpadder allows you to Play PC games through poor or no gamepad provision and Add gamepad backing to rivalled internet and DOS games. In this Play multiplayer sports with each player exhausting a gamepad. And Control video or music players consuming their shortcut keys. Some of the alternatives are as follows:


This Xpadder alternative is a program recycled to map keyboard as well as mouse activities to gamepad or joystick switches. It is valuable for playing games through poor or no gamepad provision.It is open source and unconstrained below the GNU General Public License version 3.0. Its graphical edge uses a mixture of the Small Qt plus Small SDL toolkits.

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Pinnacle Game Profiler

This Xpadder alternative Pinnacle Game Profiler permits you to rival your keyboard and mouse through your video game supervisor, and otherwise modify the controller’s conduct. Many PC games do not openly support game controllers, however with Pinnacle Game Profiler you be able to use any controller to play any sport.

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Input Mapper

This Input Mapper is a DS4 input mapper that permits you to attach your PS4 gamepad to windows, wired (USB) or wirelessly (Bluetooth). Input Mapper is intended to bridge the gap between the devices your procedure and the sports you play.

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Joystick Mapper

Joystick Mapper is a Mac OS X request that permits you pro play any game or procedure any other application with a Gamepad or Joystick, even the ones deprived of built-in support. You be able to map your joystick input to pretend Keyboard and Mouse.

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This Xpadder alternative Jstest-gtk is a humble joystick tester built on Gtk+. It delivers you with a list of devoted joysticks, a method to display which switches and axis are pushed, a method to remap axis and switches and a way to standardise your joystick.

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Rejoystick is a package that maps keypresses on the gamepad to keypresses on a console when you are running X. Since it procedures SDL to connect with the gamepad device, it is able to work on every stage that provides SDL and an X atmosphere.

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FreePIE is a C# efficacy for bridging and rivalling input devices. It has applications mainly in video gaming but can also be recycled for VR interaction, distant control, and other applications. A classic application might be guiding the mouse in a PC game exhausting a Wii-mote.

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Enjoy2 is a humble program for OSX that permits you to convert joystick inputs into keyboard or mouse actions. If you’ve ever occupied yourself a video game which only provisions mouse and keyboard effort, but you need to use a joystick or gamepad, then Enjoy2 is the package for you.

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OpenPIE is a vulnerable source alternative to the renowned Small Glove PIE, by Carl Kenner. It has some changes, though. Essentially, it will work mostly with the Wii-mote and will permit users to write writings in order to control its performance.

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VJoy Virtual Joystick

This Xpadder alternative VJoy Virtual Joystick is a software request and virtual driver scheme that permits keyboard input to be decoded to joystick input.