Best XFCE Distro 2017

Best XFCE Distro of the year 2017: With the increasing use of desktop and software around the world, the demand for efficient XCFE distros is continuously increasing. XCFE distros are the combination of some of the best software and tools, with the help of which users can carry off their work with much more efficiency.

To help users make the right choice of distros, we have brought some of the best ones below to make choice from.

The Top XFCE Distro are

Manjaro 15.12 XFCE

During the initial phases this distro was considered as a cheat, however, over the time it has continuously evolved and has proven to be of great use to people. It is quite fast, stylish, and elegant which has made it appropriate for users to make most out of it. However, despite continuous upbringing, it has caused multi-boot woes and panic situations. With time, surprisingly it has been able to achieve a worthy position in the eye of users.

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Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa XFCE

It is one of the most popular out of many distributions in the market. Although its initial version proved to be a flop show, but the XCFE version has emerged as a great success. Amongst different competitors in the market, it has been competent enough to deliver error free solutions to the users. Surprisingly it is light, stable, and friendly possessing all the goodness which an average person or a geek would expect.

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MX-15 is the result of continuous years of hard work and criticism. It is competent enough to deal with smartphones, multimedia, and networking support. Amazingly it has the ability to preserve the stuff collected from the live session, which no other distro is capable of doing. This is not all. It also provides its users with a long list of customized tools that can enhance the overall desktop experience of the user.

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CentOS 7.2 XFCE

The distro provides an extraordinarily multimedia and smartphone support, which is excellent and of much use to individuals. The network works quite well, keeping users connected to the network real fast. The distro is capable of giving tough competition to all the modern distributions, especially in terms of color schemes, themes etc.

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Xubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak

The latest version of Xubuntu has been successful in fixing the anomaly occurring in Xenial Xerus. Initially there existed issues in terms of networking and media support, however, latest version has been successful in overcoming it all. The distro has made it possible for the users to customize their desktop which has quite satisfied the customers and attracted users to use this distro in everyday use.

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