Best Wunderlist Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Wunderlist 2017: Wunderlist has gained its popularity as a task management tool on the internet for its accessibility and functionality. The app can be accessed via multiple platforms that include desktop, tablet, or any mobile device. The app offers several personal and collaborative functions for your tasks and activities. Now, let us look at some of the best Wunderlist alternatives 2017:


Using this Wunderlist alternatives, the users can avail features such as taking notes, bookmarking web pages, photographs or also voice recordings. Just as in Wunderlist, Evernote also has features like organizing notebooks, attaching files, making comments on the files and searching.

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Remember the Milk

This Wunderlist alternatives has all same features similar to Wunderlist, but has some more strong features like adding locations using Google Maps, more search features, and also integration with many communication apps. The app is a cross platform app, but requires subscription to be able to sync across the devices.

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Toodledo, another Wunderlist alternatives also has many same features similar to Wunderlist like task management and searching. But the only drawback of Toodledo is that the features that are available for free on Wunderlist are available for a subscription on Toodledo.

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This is another wuunderlist alternatives but is only available for iOS, Apple devices. The app has features like creation of a pool of your tasks in your inbox and then sort them based on priority, specificity or general themes. The app is not free, and should be purchased for using it.

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This Wunderlist alternatives, in addition to basic task management features, also encourages the users with awarding karma points for every task that has been completed. This is a small feature that is called a productivity game. Although it costs to be used, the cost is relatively low when compared to Wunderlist.

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Using this Wunderlist alternatives, users can create, edit and organize tasks in a timely manner, based on today, for completing a project and the tasks that should be followed upon. This app is only available for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices.

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This task management tool has some strong features to offer like creation and delegation of tasks, making comments, file sharing, keeping reminders, creating notifications and also any sub tasks. Another interesting feature of the app is ‘Moments’ using which the user can plan a complete day through many tasks.

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This task management tool has features like creating tasks, integration into Evernote, extracting action points in notes or project folders, and also tasks scheduling. Using this app, you can easily set up your team processes, execute them using various tools and also share the progress with the world.

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Using this task management tool, we can easily create boards, lists, and cards that enable you to organize and prioritize your projects for easy completion. You can collaborate with your team mates using Trell’s features like adding comments, uploading attachments and using cards.

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The task management tool works exactly like the previously discussed tools and also features the same tools. The Apple device app is much more perfect for you and works smoothly.