Best Writing Apps for iPhone 7 2017

Writing Apps for iPhone 7: Most people will argue that if you want to type or write anything on your iPhone, you would probably only require a text editor to do so. But if you are in a habit of writing articles, blogs or other content media regularly, then you would know it perfectly that having a couple of tools by your side won’t hurt you so much.

Today, writers want something more than just being able to type quickly on their smartphones. They also require access to good formatting tools to help present their writing skills in a better way. Here are the best Writing Apps you can find on your iPhone:

TextExpander Touch

TextExpander Touch for iPhone 7

When first launched for desktops, TextExpander became quite a sensation among the users and now the developers have launched the iOS version of the app too. For those of you who don’t know about it, this app allows you to make short snippets of popular words in a way to expand them into anything you want. For e.g., if you type ‘addr’, this app would automatically expand it to address in your content. You can use this app with 50 more iOS apps to help speed up your writing skills.


Elements app for iPhone 7

It is one of the simplest but effective text editors for your iOS devices. This app has many features bundled together to make it popular amongst the users. Some of the features of this app include syncing files to your Dropbox account, auto-saving, TextExpander Touch support, ability to view and create files, scratch-pad and line count. It is quite useful if you want a simple plain-text app with a variety of features included with it.

CarbonFin Outliner

CarbonFin Outliner app for iPhone 7

This Outliner app allows you to make an outline of your idea before you start to pen in down in a more constructive way on your text editors. Providing you with a simple and easy to use interface to create item lists, searching outlines, providing notes and drag and drop feature to move items, this app is one of the best iPhone apps for the purpose of the outlining content.

Day One

Day One for iPhone 7

Remember those good old days when you could pen down all the incidents of the day in your diary. ‘Day One’ provides you with the similar kind of interface to log your day in the app with relative ease. You can also sync the app with your Dropbox account to save your data from corruption and also set-up reminders to make sure you enter your words every day on the app. You could even stop people from reading your notes by applying a passcode on the app.

iA Writer

iA Writer for iPhone 7

One of the most powerful Writing tools for Markdown, iA Writer provides you with a plethora of features including customized keyboard layouts, focus mode which helps you to limit the word content, highlighting important content syntax, and a preview mode to look at your content before finalizing it. This app is available for $4.99 on the iOS App Store.