Best Word Processor for MAC 2017

macOS sierra Word Processor: Word processors are the most important tool for writing and editing. With a large number of formatting options, the word processor is extremely useful for every mac device. In order to make your next writing assignment easier, here we will list some of the best word processors for Mac for the year 2017.


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It is a fast and lightweight word processor for Mac. It is priced at $9.9 and is available for download at the Mac app store. You can switch the theme of your Buyword writing pad to suit the external lighting conditions. In the day time, you can choose the lighter themes while for your night writing sessions you have the option to choose the dark theme.

Download Buyword for Mac

iA Writer

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It is similar to the Buyword in the look and feels. It provides the user with the advanced writing and formatting options. One of the special tricks in the iA Writer is the Focus mode. The Focus mode helps you to concentrate on the last three lines by dimming everything but the last three lines. You can easily save your documents to the cloud with the help of iA Writer. The documents can be exported in the other formats like Microsoft Word, PDF, and HTML.

Download iA Writer for Mac

Google Docs


Google Docs is a free word processor for Mac. It is a cloud-based storage solution which can enhance your productivity and the file sharing capabilities. If you use Gmail as your email client you can easily access Google Docs to write and edit documents online. Google Docs save your progress on the Google Drive, which is the cloud storage given by Google. It provides all the major features available in Microsoft Word.

Download Google Docs for Mac


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Scrivener is specially designed for the script and the novel writers. When you start writing the novel or a script it is difficult to organize the workflow, which makes it difficult to organize our thought into meaningful words. With Scrivener, you don’t have to worry about the workflow of your writing. The document hierarchy is clearly shown on the left side of the screen so that you can easily navigate through the novel.

Download Scrivener for Mac



The Storyist is tailored to the needs of the story writers. It helps to organize your pages into chapters, notes, and characters. On the left-hand side, there is a navigation panel that helps you to organize the manuscripts, novels or books. You can refer to any research that you have done, within the application itself.

Download Storyirst for Mac



The highlight of WriteRoom is its themes. There are a variety of themes available with this word processor. Although the stock WriteRoom theme works well with all major writing assignments you have options to choose from many themes. You can add sound and background colors yourself for every theme.

Download WriteRoom for Mac