Best Word Games for MAC 2017

Top Word Games for MAC: Word games are quite a craze with young and old alike. Nearly 90% of the American households own a MAC as the primary computer hardware device. Since there is no age for gaming, Word Games are the evergreen choice for a bored housewife or granny at home.

Word games are exercises either timed or untimed based on making of words from a selected few with rules created to add a touch of excitement and strategy.

We have compiled our list of must-try Word games for 2017 if you own a MAC.

Scramble with Friends

Scramble for Friends

A healthy dose of simple vocabulary is all that is needed to play this fun game with short words as the key to winning the game. Knowing some keywords of two, three or four letters will go a long way. Random dice arranged in a 4 by 4 fashion needs each player to build a word by touching letters next to it. The letters can go in any direction next to it. The timer of 2 minutes is peppered with different power-ups along the way. The player with a maximum score after 3 rounds wins.

Download Scramble with Friends for MAC 

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Scrabble™ teaches you to play all kinds of tricks and strategies with a super word knowledge but leaves a lot to be desired in front of anagram based wordplay. A new version with Game Centre Integration allowing play and wait for games lets you decide the best use of optimizing the score. The game also includes a dictionary.

Download Scrabble for MAC 

Download the game here:


Word Fu

This is an exciting, thrilling and sweat-inducing sort of a game. A bunch of letters is given to the player and the goal is to make as many words as possible of three letters or more before the time runs out. It’s hectic and throws up more power-ups when you score well. Now the more exciting version is WordFu Plus with the social features, head-to-head wifi combat, awards, and challenges.

Download WordFu for MAC

Bookworm Deluxe

Bookworm Deluxe

This incredibly popular game is making a comeback. It has been hailed a great game to learn vocabulary with adjusting difficulty levels. The basic level lets you play with ease without any timer and the difficulty levels keep increasing with time bound activity.

Download Bookworm Deluxe for MAC

Word Cross

Word Cross

This is a very innovative puzzle game with a crossword puzzle to be completed. The bottom of the screen gives a secret message and filling more words gets you more of the secret message completed. Each level can be completed by either guessing the message or filling the words. It’s an addictive game for all ages and helps in challenging the minds.

Download Word Cross for MAC