Best Windows File Manager 2017

Top Windows File Manager 2017: The file manager a is kind of program or we can say a software which helps to manage the files of the user. It can manage all files of your computer or phone too. File manager also provides the feature of deleting, viewing, editing, copy or cut the file.

Although you can get a tassel of different file managers with many more different varieties but here you will get information of best 5 Windows File Managers 2017. So, there is no need to go for the hunt of files managers. Just check it below and download it direct to use.



One of the highly recommended file manager and a complete package of various useful features. This file manager has 2 panes which are superb in organizing and moving the files nicely. It provides 2 points which you can use to go back to the last folder or file directly. Xplorer2 provides a bookmark facility to a user for more convenience.

Download Xplorer2




One of the best file manager software for windows. It has a simple user interface as the ExplorerXp provides a different classification of files and folders and makes you able to arrange your data correctly at the right place. It provides many tabs for different tasks which make it easier to use. The great feature of this file manager is, you can modify the files into different formats such as .zip format, a la WinZip or WinRAR.

Download ExplorerXp



Most popular and widely used file manager nowadays. Find any file with a search option. Get a preview of pics, documents, music or video etc. Best in the management of files and easy to perform the filtrationSynchronization with the folders and files is easy. You can drag any file or folder and move it to anywhere you want. It supports more than 4 languages.

Download FreeCommander



Explorer++ is one of the best and easy to use file manager. Although somewhere it is hard to use but still it is very useful file manager among all. It is a free software so there you are not going to spend money on it. It also has tabs and easy to use but effective in the features.

Download Explorer++



One of the simple and portable applications and very easy to use. It has inbuilt image viewer, text editor, and powerful search. Quick launch tabs are available in it. This program is very smart and small. Best thing is that you can get this software for free.

Download A43

Windows provide its own file managers too but time by time many of other file managers like these have launched with great features, these file managers made some processes easy such as finding any file. Move it another place etc.