Best Windows Emulators for MAC 2017

macOS sierra Windows Emulators: Sometimes if you want to access some applications of windows but you are working on Mac then it is quite hard to access those applications. But here is something which can make you able to perform this task on your Mac 2017 very easily; this is called a windows emulator by which you can use the windows applications while using mac. Now you need to know what a windows emulator is.

What is a windows emulator?

Windows emulator is a software which provides you an environment of windows operating system so that you can access windows application on your Mac 2017. Windows emulator simulates your device to provide a windows interface.

5 best windows emulators for mac 2017

Here is the information about 5 best windows emulators for mac 2017, which can be suitable and useful for you.

Parallels Desktop


It is one of the best windows emulators for Mac which allows you to access the windows applications, programs on your mac computer. The setup of Parallels Desktop is really very easy. You can run any other operation system apps like Linux, Unix too.

  • It will work on Intel processor based mac.
  • Windows 32 bit or 62-bit installation CD/DVD or ISO image.
  • It is not a free software, it will cost you $53.97

Download Parallels Desktop for MAC

Boot Camp


Bootcamp is an app allows you to install windows on your mac computer. For windows and Mac support software, it creates partitions, so you can use the features of your mac computer too such as brightness, track pad functions.

But Windows installation DVD or ISO file is needed.

  • It provides an easy access, you just need to install and use it.
  • By pressing option key you can select the windows and start using that.

Download Boot Camp for MAC

CrossOver Mac


It is a solution if you want to run windows on your mac. Crossover Mac is an emulator which will provide you an environment to run windows design, production, utility and games app on your Mac.

  • Switching between windows and mac is very easy.
  • Provides you all controls of windows.

Download CrossOver Mac



It is an emulator which provides you the facility to run the windows applications on your Mac. An advantage of this emulator is, it is free software.

  • You can easily run windows applications on mac, it doesn’t have any issue with features and it is very good in the
  • It needs licensed windows and doesn’t need any partitions.

Download WineBottler for MAC

VMware Fusion


VMware Fusion is very unique, convenient and easy to use windows emulator for Mac. It is not free software; it will cost you $34. You can immediately use this software without booting and all.

  • It provides a full windows view to the user.
  • You can choose a separate window for Mac or windows.

Download VMware Fusion for MAC