Best White Elephant Gifts 2017

Best White Elephant Gifts have nothing to do with elephants. This refers to a gifting tradition which involves giving gifts which are cheap, but involve a high maintenance cost. These gifts are usually unusable, and largely irrational. This trend is usually practiced during festive season for the sake of fun or formality. They involve weird kind of gifts, so you can practically go on giving anything to anyone, without much of a thought.

How to Choose the Best White Elephant Gift?
As mentioned already, you do not have to think much on this gift, you can go on selecting the stupidest or the commonest of thing you find. People go on gifting pillows of poop emoji, toilet mugs, martini glasses, and various other weird looking products, which would rarely come to use. The practice of giving white elephant gifts is done only for the sake of it, so you can practically go on giving something you believe one should be using, but does not make use of.