The 10 Best Weight Loss Apps of 2017

Best weight loss apps 2017: The growing body app has become one of the major concerns in this fast paced world. People hardly find any time to work out to reduce weight. The life has gone hectic. But still there is a need to look after your health. What can be better than to have an app that can help you out to lose weight? Here are some of the best apps that can help you out in losing your weight.Top Weight Loss Apps of 2017

Lose It

It is a free weight loss app for iPhone and Android users. You can achieve sustainable weight loss after installing this app on your smartphone. The app creates a personalize weight loss plan that you can follow. IT provides you with database of food that can be helpful in tracking the calories you consume. It even connects you to the apps like Nike+, RunKeeper etc and keeps a track on your fitness data intelligently.

Lose It for iPhone & iPad | Lose it for Android


This free application makes you do work outs, eat veggies, and log your food by putting the money on line. You can choose how much money you have to put on each Pact. If you are able to do the task that you have promised, you will get $0.30 to $5 in a week. If you are unable to keep the Pact, the money will be debited from your bank account.

Pact for iPhone | Pact for Android

MyFitness Pal

It is another stunning app to keep track on intake of food and exercise. You can access millions of food items and add them to your food log. It even creates a personal diet profile for you to help you in setting a healthy exercise goal and a healthy diet goal.

MyFitnessPal for iPhone | MyFitnessPal for Android

Diet Hero

You can tell this app about the food you like or dislike and it will tell you about what you should eat and how much you should it. The app can adjust according to the food items available at your home. You can even choose to swap the protein rich food with another protein rich food and so on. The app tells you the right amount of food you have to eat to reduce the desired weight according to your height, present weight, gender, and few other aspects.

Diet Hero for iPhone


With this app, you can learn about healthy foods and can instantly check out if the food is healthy for you or not by scanning its barcode with your iPhone. You are even allowed to ask the questions from Fooducate community and learn more on healthy foods.

Fooducate for iPhone | Fooducate for Android

Nike+ Training Club

You can use this stunning app if you don’t know the workouts that will help you out in losing weight. There are more than 100 workouts to choose from. You can choose the workout or the four-week program that will help you reduce weight. The workout can be chosen by beginners, intermediate, or advanced users.

Nike+ Training Club for iPhone | Nike+ Training Club for Android

iPhone Health App

Apple provides the free health app to the iPhone users. You can easily track your progress towards a fix goal by the activity levels. You can track steps or stairs walked and see how much calories have been burnt. You can even use this app to connect to many different apps. This app comes pre-installed in iPhone 5S or above versions.

Google Fit

This weight loss app is also a fitness app launched by Google for Android users for free. You can easily track your activity carrying your Android smartphone. You can connect different apps for extensing the fitness and tracking. It even tracks your daily activity, your weight, and daily heart activity to help you stay fit and keep the weight under control.

Google Fit for Android

Weight Watchers App

It one of the best apps to lose weight, but is costlier. It makes use of Smartpoints instead of making use of calories so that you can track one set of numbers every day. The app tracks your activity and provides you with valuable workout tips that can help you out in losing the weight efficiently.

Weight Watchers for iPhone | Weight Watchers for Android

7-Minute Workout App

This app is for the busy people who have just no time for workout. You just need to sphere 7 minutes in a day to keep your weight under control. It suggests you the 7 minute workout that you have to do each day to lose weight. The workout suggested by this app keeps your appetite in control, improves your cardiovascular and metabolic health.

7-Minute Workout App for iPhone | 7-Minute Workout App for Android