Best Website Builder for Small Business in 2017

Best ways to create a small businesses website in 2017: A business is incomplete if it is not online. Some of the most powerful business owners have already said that if you want to succeed in your business then you should put it online. As the online industry is flourishing, there is a strong need to bring your business online so that it reaches a larger audience around the world. Investing too much money in the starting is not possible for every small business. So, going with an average website or creating it by your own can be a better option. Here are some of the best website builders for small businesses to create a good looking simple website.


Wix is a popular website builder and can be used by small businesses to launch their business website. Though it is a complex site builder, but offers phenomenal features like eCommerce ability, semantic URLs, and much more. You can choose from 70 different categories of templates and find the best one for your business website. It has over 63 million worldwide users and is widely recommended for the beginners who wish to create their website by their own.

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It is one of the best platforms to manage and create your small business website. It is one of the simplest and intuitive site builders presently available in the market. It has just every tool to make your small business website running. You can even create a small eCommerce store using its tools. It has a wide range of templates to choose from. You can go for its paid plan if you wish to have your own custom domain.

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Another popular site builder to go for is Weebly. You can create your own eCommerce portal using the advanced features provided by this site builder. The website builder provided by Weebly is little challenging and less intuitive. Its business plan is pricey too if you wish to buy the custom domain. Though they have a limited number of themes to offer, but you can definitely scale up your business site in the start with them.

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It is another great site builder for people who are creative. It has a range of templates for just everyone; let it be photographer, artist, restaurant owner, musicians, or blogger. It offers you two weeks free trial after which you need to opt for its business or personal plan. Though the templates are less customizable, but it includes clean URLs and responsive design. It even has its own community where you can ask different questions and get your query solved by the members.

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This easy to use website builder has plenty of templates to offer. The templates are easy to customize and you can even add 15 pages to your free website. Not only this, it can automatically create the mobile-friendly version of your website and can even push your complete site to Facebook. So, don’t ask for more.

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