Best iPhone 7 Web Browsers 2017

iPhone 7 Browsers 2017: Web browsers are one of the most important apps for iPhones. The web browsers allow you to surf the internet and visit any particular URL link you want to visit across the net. Although most web browsers have almost all the functionalities available today, there are some features which are still missing from a few web browsers.

Different browsers provide you with different browsing speeds, secure access to the internet and inbuilt download manager. Here are the best web browsers you can install on your iPhones.

Safari Browser

Safari Browser for iPhone 7

Safari Browser is the default web browser on your iOS devices. The web browser is one of the most secure browsers available across the internet today, providing you with millions of appropriate search results in a matter of milliseconds. The tone of the fastest browsers available, Safari suffers from few absent features also such as Private Browsing which people hope will be solved soon. Apple does not allow you to change Safari browser from your default browser.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome for iPhone 7

By default, everyone’s favorite web browser to use is the Chrome Browser by Google. Using Google Chrome browser allows you to sync your browsing history, bookmarks, saved passwords and other data on every device with the help of your Google account. Chrome also gives you to the power to open any number of new tabs at the same time while also covering the most glaring feature absent from safari – providing users with an Incognito browsing mode to browse the internet without saving the history.

Dolphin Web Browser

Dolphin Web Browser for iPhone 7

One of the best third party web browsers available for iPhones on the App store is the Dolphin Web Browser. This browser provides you with an easy to use browsing capability and provides you with a number of accessibility features. Although the app is available for free, you can get a premium version for $0.99 which allows you to speech your search items rather than having to type them in the browser. Also, the native sync feature allows you to sync your history and bookmarks with a different browser on your other devices.

Opera Browser

Opera Browser for iPhone 7

Available for free in the iOS App store, the Opera web browser fulfills all your needs which you would expect out of a browser. Be it fast search results, secure access to the internet, saving bookmarks – Opera fulfills each one of them. Also, Opera enhances your browsing experiences by helping you find interesting content across the web according to your search history.

iCab Web Browser

iCab Web Browser for iPhone 7

A popular paid web browser on the App Store, iCab is certainly gaining a lot of users with each passing day. Besides, providing all the features of your regular browsers, iCab allows you to link up your Dropbox with the browser, which helps in better file management on all of your synced devices. With a number of multi-users options and a full-screen mode, iCab web browser looks a complete package with a cost of $1.99 only.