Best Weather Apps for iPhone 7 2017

Best iPhone 7 Weather Apps 2017: The first thing everyone looks out for before leaving their homes is the state of the weather in their surroundings. For years, people used to wait for weather updates on news channels to plan their outing but with the advent of weather apps for smartphones, all the forecasts were soon available to them in one touch.

Although the iPhone’s own weather app is one of the best weather prediction apps present out there, different people across the world require different information from their weather apps. Today, we provide you with the best weather apps across the iOS App Store:

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather for iPhone 7

One of the all-time classics, Yahoo weather is still very popular among the users for its very accurate weather forecast predictions across the globe. If you are on the lookout for a simple app which would show you the necessary information without giving you detailed data, this app is perfect for you. The app is very simple in design and easy to navigate even for the first time users.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel for iPhone 7

With a simplified interface and still providing all the detailed reports of weather conditions near your locality, The Weather channel is among the most trusted apps on the iOS App Store. You also get settings such as Hourly, Daily, Weekly or 15 Days weather updates onto your iPhone along with wind speed, UV index, and humidity. This app is available for free download from the iOS App Store.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky for iPhone 7

The most accurate weather forecast app available today in the iOS App store is the Dark Sky which claims to give you accurate weather predictions by every minute. The app provides a complete detailed prediction about the weather conditions in 24-hour outlook along with the 7-day forecasts. If any weather changes happen near to your place, the Dark Sky will report to you before it would reach your doorsteps. The app is available for $3.99 on the App Store.

Weather Bug

Weather Bug for iPhone 7

Besides providing you with weather predictions in hourly, daily or 10-day intervals, Weather bug also lists out the pollen index for any given day to help you out if you suffer from any kind of allergy. You can also connect this app with your SmartThings or Nest hub to keep a check on your daily electricity consumption in your house. This app is also available for free download on the iOS App Stores.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground for iPhone 7

Another free weather forecast app that is very popular among the users is the Weather Underground app. This app takes the forecast from over 200,000 different personalized weather stations to provide you with the latest weather predictions. The app also allows you to submit your own weather updates from around your own locality to help improve the app. Additional features such as real-time weather updates from the closest weather stations and latest photos showing present weather conditions in the nearby locations is an added bonus of this app.