Best Walking Apps for iPhone 7 2017

iPhone 7 Walking Apps: If you are a regular morning or evening walker and in possession of an iPhone, you can do a lot of things while walking around streets or parks. Having relevant apps installed on your iPhone can take your walking experience to an altogether new experience. These apps can enable you to track down the number of steps you have walked, distance covered, information about your walking speed, calories burnt and much more.

With a number of social media integrations options also available, you can even compare your walk among your friends and check their progress also. Here are the best Walking Apps available for iPhone on the iOS App Store:

MapMyWalk GPS for iPhone

MapMyWalk GPS for iPhone

If you are on a regular habit of walking, this app is a must have on your iPhone device. With a number of trackers including distance covered, speed, calories burnt, time taken and pace, MapMyWalk GPS is one of the most popular walking apps on the iOS App Store. You can even sync your account on to view your previous history also. It can also help you to share routes and words with your friends who connect with you on the app.

Walkmeter GPS for iPhone

Walkmeter GPS for iPhone

One of the most innovative walking apps available on iTunes is the Walkmeter GPS. The app contains a number of interesting features including the option to transfer maps from Safari web browser or email into the app directly. You can also use the ‘Race Challenge’ Mode to challenge your friends and compare your times and speed on similar routes with your friends.


Stepz for iPhone 7

Stepz is a free pedometer app which allows you to measure all your basic requirements including a number of steps taken, distance covered, time taken, speed and calorie burnt amongst others. As in the case with other pedometer app, your goal is by default set to 10,000 steps but you can easily change it in according to what you want to have. You can also allow the app to automatically set a goal for you by looking at your previous walking history in the app.


Walker App for iPhone 7

Previously known as Walker M7, this app is another regular Pedometer app and much more. It tracks all your basics such as steps taken, distance covered, calorie burnt and more but also helps you to manually create checkpoints to keep a record of your weight, fat loss and blood pressure record by each day. With a nice and elegant interface to associate with, this app is a comprehensive health assistive app rather than a pedometer.


Pacer for iPhone 7

Pacer is your normal Pedometer plus Weight loss and BMI Tracker app. The app helps you to track your basic walking info besides letting you connect with your friends through social media. It allows you to keep a check on them and compare your timing with them as well as other people on the leaderboard on similar tracks. This app introduced a new social component named Groups, which allows you to join a team of walkers who motivate each other through chat communication to reach the top of the leaderboards.