Best VMware Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to VMware 2017: VMware is a platform that provides cloud and virtualization services and platform. VM stands for a virtual machine which is used to convert one physical resource to many virtual resources. It is used for better utilisation of resources. VMware is based on the ESX/ESXi bare metal hypervisor, supporting virtual machines. It is a widely used tool however it has some sets of problems. Here are some alternatives for VMware which you can easily opt for.

VMware ESXi

It is the best alternative for VMware. It is a good option for large enterprise virtual server deployment of windows and Linux. The price is little high but it is worth it. Its free version is also available but it does not provide all the services to the user.

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This VMware alternative software is offered by Citrix. It is capable of doing many functions like live migration, HA, importing and exporting VMs to the cloud etc. It is an open source software and attracts many customers as the alternatives for VMware. It is a new version of XenSource.

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Parallels desktop

This VMware alternative software is a competitor for VMware Fusion and Fusion Pro.  It has additional features like, it allows simultaneous running of Mac and windows, it comes with the Coherence mode that is equivalent to Fusion’s unity. It is also Windows 10 ready, supports Cortana integration and can even make a virtual machine out of your Boot Camp Windows installation for convenience.

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VMware Workstation Pro

It is a 15 year old software which is the elite of the corps when it comes to VirtualBox alternatives. It transforms the computer into a host. It helps to sync virtual machine from the cloud so that they are readily available. It has some more slew features to satisfy the needs of hardcore users. However, it is a costly choice yet good alternatives for VMware.

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VMware Workstation Player

It is the elder brother of Workstation pro. It is used to run the virtual machine without even switching over the operating system. It is only available for windows and Linux. This software is capable of running restricted virtual machines. Player’s virtual machines are also portable so you can easily transfer the whole VM file on a flash drive and can use it on different machines. It is a free alternatives for a personal and non-commercial purpose.

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VMware Fusion/ Pro

It is a software that is restricted to one OS only. It serves one purpose only but does it well. It allows windows and Linux to run on your mac in a virtual machine. It creates a fusion of host and client. It allows all the advanced functions of windows like Cortana to use within your mac. It is a good option as it lets users use mac and windows all in one. If you are not a professional you can go with other options as well.

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This VMware alternative QEMU which can run on multiple platforms. It is an open source software. It provides a wide variety of architecture. It is also bundled up with KVM to run on virtual machines. It deploys an integrated VNC server to show the guest’s operating system screen.  It is one of the powerful alternatives for VMware.

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This VMware alternative is an open source software that you don’t need to install. You can easily use it by your USB drives. It includes virtually installing VirtualBox. It is capable of running the virtual machine no matter where you are.

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This VMware alternatives software is used to run Linux operating system on your windows environment. It is also used for testing and emulation purpose. It is slightly restrictive and does what is told to it. It allows running a Linux LiveCD.

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This VMware alternatives software is a port of Linux operating system. It is distributed under the distro of a kernel. It allows both the windows and Linux operating system to run parallelly. In that way, features of one operating system can be incorporated into another. It is one of the best alternatives for VMware.