Best Visio Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Visio 2017: Visio by Microsoft is a comprehensive diagramming tool and is also a powerful vector diagramming tool using which the users can create almost anything from flowcharts to floor plans. The software is capable of handling almost anything ranging from simple diagrams to the most complicated intricate designing. Here are the 10 best Visio alternatives 2017:


This Visio alternative is an HTML5 based online diagramming tool that offers free 2 diagrams for the starters on its cloud based diagramming tool. This tool can be used for creating UML diagrams, floor plans, venn diagrams, flow charts etc and supports almost any major browser that includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others.

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This is yet another Visio alternative which is a HTML5 and Javascript based online diagramming tool that not only offers to create regular flowcharts, UML diagrams and others but also in the creation of website and android/iOS mockups which are fully functional.

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This free diagramming software supports all Java Virtual Machine supported platforms that include Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The simple and interactive interface of the software lets the users create diagrams in an easy and funny way. Using this software we can import or export our diagrams.

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This diagramming software is an offline, drag and drops WYSIWIG tool that works on Windows, Linux and Max OS X operating systems. Using this tool the user can also create, manage and collaborate on Infographics, Flowcharts, UI mock-ups and much more.

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This cloud-based free online diagramming tool lets its users create and manage the drawings and mock-ups. Using this tool, the users can even create powerful mobile mock-ups for android and iOS7 devices. All the modern web browsers support this software platform.

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The key features of this software include website wireframes, electrical system design, family tree, document syncing, automatic artistic fills Xcode import and many more. The software supports Mac OS X and iOS platforms. The tool is available in two versions, that are standard and pro which are both paid versions.

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Google Drawings

This free, cloud based diagramming tool is developed by the search engine giant, Google. Even though it is initially introduced as Google Docs Drawings, later now it is integrated into Google Drive and the tool allows the users to real time designing and collaboration on drawings.

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This tool is initially developed by StarOffice, is later got acquired by Sun Microsystems and then is integrated into Oracle America and now is donated to Apache Foundation. This tool is an open source vector graphics editor and also features exporting of Scalable Vector Graphics.

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ConceptDraw Pro

This is a premium and powerful diagramming solution for Windows and Mac OS X based users and lets you draw anything and almost everything ranging from a flowchart to complex engineering and design schematics. It also has many ready to use templates and numerous object libraries.

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Calligra Flow

This free diagramming tool is an integrated graphics editor and is a part of the Calligra suite. The tool has the feature of a user interface that is almost similar to Visio by Microsoft and also has a plugin support.