Best Video Recording Apps for iPhone 7 2017

iPhone 7 Video Recording Apps: Although the built-in camera app on the iPhone is brilliant and provides you with a lot of functions, some users are constantly looking out for more from the app. Some third-party camera app provides all the basic functionalities of the camera app and more.

All the apps on this list are easy to use and have an awesome interface that will make your video recording experience easy and simpler. Here are the best Video Recording Apps available on the iOS App Store:

Camera Plus Pro

Camera Plus Pro app for iPhone 7

One of the best Video Camera App available for iPhone is the Camera Plus Pro. The video recording feature of the app is quite advanced compared to the standard apps. With functions such as exposure adjustment, zooming, primary/secondary camera switching, time lapse support, video filters and geo-tagging, this app is being a fan favorite among the users. You can also upload your videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter via the app.

Download Camera Plus Pro from here


ProCamera app for iPhone 7

One of the best alternatives to the Camera Plus Pro is the ProCamera App. Available as a free download from the iOS App Store, this app includes most of the features you will find on the Camera Plus Pro including the ability to adjust the exposure of the video on the fly. With a number of great post processing tool including with the app such as Pro Lab and Pro FX, these app is fully loaded with a number of interesting and useful features.

Download ProCamera from here

Camera Genius

Camera Genius app for iPhone 7

Developed by Codegoo, Camera Genius is another popular Video Recording app for your iPhones. The app contains a basic video camera which is not much different from the built-in camera app in features and qualities. This app allows you to zoom your videos while recording them and provides you with a number of sharing options including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and much more.

Download Camera Genius from here

8mm Vintage Camera

8mm Vintage Camera app for iPhone 7

This app is a very useful app for those users who want to capture retro styled videos on their iPhones. Featuring five different films and lenses, this app allows them to record video in real time and helps you to mix and max different films to create the perfect video on your device. Besides the option to save the video to your Camera roll, you can also upload them to your YouTube account or email them to your friends with the help of the iTunes sharing feature.

Download 8mm Vintage Camera from here

Precorder: Video Camera for Unforgettable Moments

Precorder app for iPhone 7

Although the app only has a limited number of features and functions to go by, Precorder is one cool app to use on your iPhones. This app starts recording your video a couple of seconds before you actually press the record button. This is quite useful as you won’t have to miss a moment at the start of the video. At present, you can share your videos via Facebook or email.

Download Precorder from here