Best Video Converter 2017

Top Video Converter: The best solution for the problem of your videos being available in different formats is conversion. With the help of the conversion tools available online you can convert the videos in the format that your device supports. So rather than having different media players for different formats you can quickly convert the video in the desired format in no time. There are a lot of video conversion tools competing against each other for the year 2017.

To convert the video into the desired format you have to upload the video into the website and select the desired extension you want to convert the video in. The next step is to download the video which is converted into the desired format.

Let’s explore the list of best video converters available.

MPEG Streamclip


A great tool for trans coding your videos. It is a powerful video conversion tool for MAC and Windows. It also helps you to manage all your videos in one place. It is a great multipurpose tool that helps you to manage, play and convert all of your media files at one place. The conversion using this tool is relatively faster than other tools.

Download MPEG Streamclip

Freemake Video converter


This converter can handle more than 500 video formats. You name the format and Freemake video converter will convert it for you. It allows you to download the media files instantly from the social media sites and convert it into the desired format. There are a lot of automation tools embedded inside this video converter to make your life easier.

Download Freemake Video Converter



It’s not just another video converter. It consists of a wide variety of customization tools in addition to the video converter that comes bundled with the product. It has an extremely fast conversion time. It is more than just a video conversion tool and helps your videos to be converted for playback on different kinds of devices.

Download Wondershare

Media Coder


This video converter is filled with a lot of different features to suit every kind of conversion requirement. When you want to convert a number of media files simultaneously into different formats then Media Coder can help you by starting a batch process for the conversion of videos. The output of the conversion process can be easily modified with the relevant settings in the software itself.

Download Media Coder

Aimersoft Video Converter


This is a perfect conversion software available in the market. The brand name “Aimersoft “is enough to define the quality of the software. It allows the user to perform every type of operation on their videos. It helps to convert the files depending upon the type of device that video is going to be played on. For instance, it can specifically convert the videos for the mobile device like an iPhone.

Download Aimersoft Video Converter

These tools will help you to convert the videos in the format you desire. They also come with additional features so that you don’t have to rely on several tools from different vendors in order to convert your videos.