Best Twitch Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Twitch 2017: Amazon’s own is a live streaming platform using which any player from around the world can broadcast their screens to the other users from anywhere in the world and can share their achievements and successes. Users of can also receive live comments from others and also can communicate with each other. Let us delve into the list of top Twitch alternatives in the industry:

The Vienna based streaming platform is a best alternative for Twitch as it invites streamers, spectators, partners and organizers to host on its platforms for gathering audience. The huge success of the lies in its website’s HTML5/ JavaScript integration. The has many features on its website tailored to suit the needs of any type of the visitor.

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The San Francisco based Ustream offers a general streaming platform that is not only limited to gaming, but also features sporting events, private live streams and talk shows. Ustream also has personalized streaming software for its subscribers. It also features HD quality streams.

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With primarily focusing on live streaming of League of Legends game, also features other competitive games such as Starcraft II, Battlefield 4 and World of Tanks. Moreover, the boasts about its quality of streaming being superior to Hitbox and Twitch.

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Gaming Live

With the goal of offering the gamers and content producers from around the world a platform where they can set up live streams, video-on-demand, and can monetize their work, Gaming Live was announced last year. Gaming Live offers its streaming services for games, E-sports and other related content.

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Dailymotion Games

Specifically for E-sports fans and streamers, Dailiymotion Games is also another Twitch alternatives live streaming platform attracting wide number of gamers in the industry. French based Dailymotion has established this live streaming platform for gamers, Dailymotion Games. The company has crafted appropriate applications for iOS and Android devices, and also for Playstation 4.

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Steam Broadcasting

This is the other way around to Twitch. Through the Steam Broadcasting, you can mention the users whom you want to see your gameplay, in addition to broadcasting to the entire world. This is still in Beta version, and will soon be upgraded with more features to face the competition in the gaming broadcasting industry.

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YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming is sponsored by YouTube for all the gamers and other players in the industry to broadcast their live gameplays in the internet. Apart from live streaming of gameplays, the website also hosts, recorded gameplays of various gamers and users can browse through those.

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XSplit is another Twitch alternative for live streaming and broadcasting of your games to the players from all over the world. There are two versions of the software of XSplit, they are Broadcaster and Gamecaster. You can download any of these software from the website of XSplit.

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Major League Gaming is another Twitch alternatives that allows only the globally recognized players to showcase their gameplays on its streaming service.

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This alternative to twitch let you broadcast live to the world and instantly notify your followers. You can share your Periscope broadcast to twitter and manage your notification at ease. You need to collect hearts from viewers to become a star performer here.


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