Best Tweetadder Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Tweetadder 2017: Tweet Adder is the best traffic generation tool available until it is banned recently by Twitter by cancelling its API for its spammed automation tools and techniques. However, it has gained its prominence for its robust features in the marketing automation. Since it has been banned by Twitter, let us look at some of the best available tweetadder alternatives 2017:

Humming Bird

Gaining more networks on Twitter is the trend currently to promote your businesses. Humming Bird is the best tweetadder alternatives available in the market with features like automated following, un-following, follow back, managing unlimited twitter accounts and such other. It is easy to use, shockingly effective and best supported programs in the word.

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Follow Liker

Another tweetadder alternatives is the Follow Liker that has features like follow users, un-follow, post tweets, retweet, reply tweets, favorite tweets, tweet search and all the features that Twitter has to offer. All these features are automated to serve the user the in the best way.

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Crowdfire app is also another tweetadder alternatives that has features like finding and un-following inactive users, Copy followers which helps in finding relevant users to follow, finding out the impact of your social media updates on your followers and many more. If you are looking out for follower management software for your twitter accounts, then this is the one for you.

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Archie is yet another tweetadder alternatives using which anyone can grow their social impact for increasing their online social media presence using Twitter. Using Archie, the user has to first define their customers using which the software will scan for the relevant users interested in your business and then it offers interaction with them.

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Brand Chirp

This is also another Twitter automation tool similar to tweetadder, allows its users to follow and un-follow users and also in doing certain tweet management tasks. Using Brand Chirp, companies can effectively monitor, manage and resolve all of their brand activities. Target follow feature is the best feature in Brand Chirp.

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Using Tweepi the user can discover and follow new users, un-follow users, find and un-follow inactive users and it also lets you to block followers who are sending spam contents. There is also an option to use multiple Twitter accounts in the program at the same time in the software.

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Using this software, the user can increase their sales prospecting and nurture relationships with their future clients on auto-pilot. The features of EngageWise are finding prospects and building relationship in automation, automatic traffic generation, and personalized engagement. This is recommended particularly for start-ups and especially to small business owners.

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Using this automation tool software, the users can search for twitter bios and can connect with anyone relevant to your needs, compare their accounts to find overlaps and find new influencers in the market, categorize your followers based on their location, bio and who they follow and more criteria.

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Twt Dominator

This software has features like automatic follow or un-follow, tweeting, friend adder, retweet and favorite, scrape users, campaign manager and many more. Using this software you can even manage multiple twitter accounts, automate your twitter activity using campaign manager and so on.

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This is one of the good tweetadder alternatives to consider. It has web based tool that helps in managing multiple twitter accounts, follow, un-follow, and scheduling your tweets.