Best iPhone 7 TV Apps 2017

TV Apps for iPhone 7: What if your favorite television series is getting telecasted and you are not able to make it to your home on time? I am sure you would feel disappointed. But now there is nothing to feel like that. IPhone has brought forth some of the best TV apps which can be downloaded on iPhone and can be used for watching different TV shows anywhere and everywhere.


Netflix app for iPhone 7

It is a well-known app which is widely used by people who just cannot afford to miss their favorite TV shows. It has the collection of almost all the popular TV Shows. For every episode you watch, complete data will be provided and each video in the app shall be of high resolution. Moreover, it also gives you the option of renting HD movies. Thus this app is good both in terms of comfort and also affordability.

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Hulu App for iphone 7

This app can be considered as similar to Netflix, but has been designed in a different color i.e. green. The process of telecasting TV shows is almost the same, i.e. one can have the luxury of watching TV shows, episodes, or can even gain information about each and every piece. It depends on the users now, which app would they prefer to use to watch TV on their phone.

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A&E App for iphone 7

This app has been developed by A&E Television networks mobile. If you have enjoyed watching first 48, duck dynasty and other famous A&E shows, then this app is probably the best one for you. It can be availed for free from the app store. For users who wish to use the app for watching shows, is just required to log in using their account and then look for episodes which they wish to see.

Download A&E from AppStore

TBN Mobile

TBN Mobile App for iphone 7

It is yet another brilliant app, which gives you current information and what shows are on the TV schedule. The TV shows can be filtered based on date and channels. Before opting for any video, you can read information based on it and then make a selection. However, there are not many channels to choose from, but common users are surely going to have fun using it.

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Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network App for iphone 7

As the name of the application says, it will offer users with a variety of cartoon series making it one of the best apps for kids. Hence for users, who are fans of Teen Titans Go!, The Amazing World of Gumball and other animated shows they are probably going to love this app. This app can be downloaded for free, without putting much strain on the pocket of users.

Download Cartoon Network from AppStore

Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV App for iphone 7

This app has been developed by Charter communications, which offers its users great shows and videos to watch on. Upon downloading the app, users will have to just subscribe to Showtime, Starz, encore etc. and they are all ready to watch and make most of it. Users even have the option to watch live and on-demand videos on the app, giving utter comfort to users and making this app the best one.

Download Spectrum TV from AppStore