Best Turn-Based Strategy Games for MAC 2017

Turn-Based Strategy Games: The gaming world is sophisticated and matured to an unimaginable level of accuracy. Enacting real-life like figures, characters and stories which even if set in bizarre background stories, has gaming lovers going ga-ga over them. People need an escape from reality into a realistic but idealistic world.

One such category of games for MAC which is very popular is the turn based strategy games. These are games with some warlike background at a strategic level where players play turn by turn.  These are not real-time strategy games like most of the newer type of games. In 2017, various new versions are on the anvil and we look at some of the very popular and well – loved games that will also create ripples in the next year.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown


A production of Feral Interactive, it is a remake of the cult classic UFO: Enemy Unknown from the nineties. The game is set in future with an alien invasion as background. You as the player are in control of an elite paramilitary organization called as XCOM and it’s on your shoulders to stop the attack to save the Earth. Since the game is turn-based, it gives limited moves to each player to destroy your enemies while staying alive.

The next version is XCOM: Enemy Within

Download XCOM: Enemy Unknown for MAC

Total War: Shogun 2


This game is one of most famous turn based strategy games on MAC. It has the Total War epic plot of strategy and real time combat. The game is set in 16th Century feudal Japan. The country is full of fractured clans fighting for the control of the country. As a leader of the clan, your purpose is to dominate the other clans and rule the country.

Download Shogun 2 for MAC

Black Forest


It is a multiplayer, turn-based online game about cooperation, betrayal, and survival. The players guide a family of farmers living in the Black Forest in middle Germany. There is isolation from the world and night wolves, bears and worst kind of things come out of the forest. During the day you need to help the farmers to farm, harvest and build defenses.

Download Black Forest for MAC

Hex Empires: Grave Consequences


This is a blood –filled game with a hungry desire to become a bloodthirsty dictator without getting down and dirty. The game is all about bloody invasion and ruling.

Download Hex Empires: Grave Consequences for MAC

Age of Conquest


This is a risk-taking strategy war game. The player can command their armies into one of the many ancient and medieval lands like the Romans, Inca, France, Russia, Chinese dynasties, and Japan to create a war experience. It inculcates a lot of strategy based diplomacy and skills required in warfare and ruling the game. It has engaging music and sound effects and superb graphics.

Download Age of Conquest for MAC