Best TrueCrypt Alternatives 2017

TrueCrypt was a very popular data encryption software which is discontinued and is not available for secure usage. There are a good number of trusted customers who have been using this software since its launch. The closure of TrueCrypt has come as a shock to these users. But, thankfully there are great alternatives to TrueCrypt out there with all the existing features and new additions. Let’s discuss in detail about some of the best 2017 TrueCrypt alternatives.

Symantec Drive Encryption

Symantec Drive Encryption  is one of the leading available TrueCrypt alternatives. It showcases user-friendly interface and strongly secured encryption. It uses closed source PGP encryption technique and has several features such as; resource management, very negligible data-loss, local policy management and much more. Symantec Drive Encryption can currently run on Personal Computers and Mac environments. According to the website the Symantec encrypts data to block unauthorized access, secures important information and has a centralized management that simplifies deployments. It is indeed a strong encryption software.



DiskCryptor, like TrueCrypt, is a free open-source file and drive-encryption software that encrypts files, drives and other external devices. The DiskCryptor uses different encryption algorithms like Advanced Encryption Standard, Serpent and Twofish. It also has the ability to cascade two or more algorithms for a greater security. For TrueCrypt users, this free software has similar features for Windows. The only drawback is that it does not support Linux or Mac.



VeraCrypt, developed by IDRIX, is a data-encryption software and a true alternative to TrueCrypt. With almost the same features as TrueCrypt, VaraCrypt has additional security features that make the software a great choice; it uses more number of iterations per encryption to enhance the security of data. Due to this layering of encryption, the read/ write time has significantly increased. VeraCrypt also uses algorithm encryption; AES, Twofish, Serpent and of course the combination of two or more of the algorithms.




BoxCryptor, another system encryption software is file-based that supports AES-256 and RSA encryption technologies. It comes in a free as well as paid premium versions. It supports DropBox, GoogleDrive and other cloud storage services increasing its flexibility. Best of all, it is very much a cross platform software; it run on all Android/ iOS platforms, Mac, Linux and Personal Computers.



AxCrypt , a lightweight and free file encryption software, is an open-source Windows-only software with no configuration needs. The user simply has to right click the file and select “Encrypt” option to encrypt a file using AxCrypt. The software encrypts your file using AES 128-bit encryption, in an instant.  The easy-to-use software, AxCrypt-features include; Good Integration with Windows, just double-click to open a file, decrypt or re-encrypt, Zero configuration and a multi-lingual software.


All these encryption programs are great 2017 TrueCrypt alternatives. What you choose is purely dependent on your requirement. Like if you are looking for something close to TrueCrypt then DiskCryptor is best for you. Or If you like a better user-interface version then you should go with VeraCrypt. After all, the ultimate goal is the best file protection and peace-of-mind.