Best Trivia Games for MAC 2017

Trivia Games for MAC: MAC’s simple to use widely available technology has made it easy to create a wide variety of content and games for it. Simple fun games rule the roost these days and one of the famous ones are Trivia Games. 2017 promises to bring such fun filled games for everyone.

Trivia games are those games which entail competition between 2 or more players to know and answer correctly facts and information which otherwise is insignificant but might be interesting and fun. Trivia can be general in nature or related to a specific area or subject.

Let us see some fun games for MAC 2017:

Bible Quizzer

Bible Quizzer

This game tests your knowledge of the holy book in rapid fire action before the time runs out and you can improve your knowledge of the world’s most read book. It has had many versions and will go for an upgrade soon.

Download Bible Quizzer for MAC

Doodle Trivia

Doodle Trivia

The makers of Doodle Drops and Doodle Words have come up with this exciting and challenging trivia which gives endless hours of brain teasing and fun entertainment.

There are more than thousand trivia questions to be solved.

Download Doodle Trivia for MAC

Guess the Flag

Guess the Flag

How good is your knowledge of countries? Do you know their flags? Match the flags with the respective nations and become a pro at country knowledge.

Addictive audio track and sound effects give an edge to the gameplay.

Download Guess the Flag for MAC

How Aussie Are you

How Aussie are you

This is an interesting game especially for the Aussie at heart, soul, and mind. It teaches you in great detail about the country, its culture, its places and cities and much more.

Download How Aussie are You



This game tests your knowledge of various buildings and their skylines. Can you recognize the silhouette and recognize the cities? This game will teach you a lot about famous and not so famous buildings as well.

Download Skyline for MAC


QuizUp new

This is an award-winning trivia game which connects people through shared interests and has quizzes and trivia on a number of topics. You can play it real time and discover like-minded friends.

Download QuizUp for MAC