Best Trip Planning Apps for iPhone 7 2017

iPhone 7 Trip Planning Apps: Travelling is one of the best things to do, no matter if you are going to official or personal purpose. Planning travel has changed over the period of time, and now people are able to plan the trip on their own by having access to some of the apps available on the phone.

With these apps, one need not have to deal with difficult or confusing situations, and can plan their travel to have times of their life. In order to extend help to iPhone users, we have brought forth some apps which can be directly downloaded from the app store.


TripIt app for iPhone 7

This app does not need any introduction and has become so popular owing to its features. This app has itineraries pre-loaded within it, which can be accessed by users as per their choice of travel. This app is quite easy to use and does not require the user to seek for external help. The user is just required to send the confirmation from the travel agent or air tickets, and every planning shall be done by the app on your behalf.

Download TripIt from AppStore


Kayak app for iPhone 7

This is yet another popular app which has an interesting interface for users to log in. The app works in a similar way as that of TripIt. So, all users have to do is send their booking confirmation email to Kayak and every planning related to your travel shall be ready for the users to have access to. Along with planning your travel, it shall also post alerts to remind you of your future day plans such that you can prepare yourself accordingly and have the best time traveling.

Download Kayak from AppStore


TripCase app for iPhone 7

This is an excellent app, which is pretty simple to use. With this application, one can easily keep a track of their travel details i.e. flights, rental, hotel observation and much more stuff. Once you have provided sufficient details to the app, it will also alert you with flight information. Another important thing about the app is, it can be used and integrated well with Travelocity to make most of its features and enjoy it.

Download TripCase from AppStore


WorldMate app for iPhone 7

This app has a small twist which has provided more convenience and eases to the users, to access and make the most out of it. While using this application, you can easily store your hotel booking and flight ticket details and make the most out of using this app. This feature is quite a useful one for individuals who travel on regular basis. Now with this app, they need not have to get into the hassle of making hotel and flight reservations. The seamless interface also enables the users to book or cancel their bookings according to their plans of travel.

Download WorldMate from AppStore

Sygic Travel

Sygic Travel app for iPhone 7

This can be your personal travel guide, which helps you discover probable places to visit and plan your travel itinerary. Once you enter the location you are considering to travel, it shall bring forth details of tourist attractions which are a must visit. It also gives you the convenience of navigating locations and reaches to them without any delay. This navigation system also works offline, ensuring that you don’t get lost while traveling.

Download Sygic travel from AppStore