Best Trello Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Trello in 2017: Trello is a project management tool that can organize projects into boards. It has almost every feature that can you make organizing different projects easy. Users can collaborate in real-time, put up sticky notes to show what they have done and what is left. However, it has some features, like calendar, reporting, budgeting which might be required in your project for better organization. Here we have listed a few tools, which can be used as a Trello alternatives that can suit your needs better.


Taiga is one of the best project management tools focusing on a clean and simple interface. It can be customized easily and integrated easily with other tools. Users can create a project in a jiffy by choosing a template – Kanban or Agile. With Agile template, users get to create sprints and user stories while with Kanban, users can make task windows. It is an open source tool best suited for developers looking to work on a simple and enjoyable platform.



Kanboard is a minimalist tool with features like searching, filtering, adding attachments, commenting, reporting etc. It is based on Kanban methodology and can be used to manage projects and tasks by a team. Kanboard relies on a simple and minimal design packed with extensive features for a power packed performance.



Wekan formerly known as LibreBoard closely resembles the Trello interface. It is an open source application with a Kanban board application. Whether you are running a project or just planning a vacation, it can help you in keeping things organized and being productive. It has support for commenting, filtering, labels etc.



Wrike is a superb Trello alternative with exciting features like Reports for tracking projects, Workload view to check who can take up the project in your team. Managers can easily access the projects and team under them and use the information to meet deadlines through its reporting features. It is a free and paid app.



One of the best Trello alternatives, Brightpod has features not available in other tools. It can help you in managing projects, plan campaigns which can reduce your workload and save time. It also provides you an option of adding high priority tasks so that your team can finish them on an urgent basis.



Another widely used Trello alternative, Breeze provides unique features like budgeting, reporting, data export, cloud integration and time tracking. There is also no limitation on number of projects, storage, task or users. Users can also utilize the calendar and iCalendar integration. It is loaded with awesome features which sets it apart from other players in this field.


Pivotal Tracker

A must for agile projects, Pivotal Tracker is meant specifically to cater to these projects. It can be used for organizing projects easily, add any number of projects, members or task lists.



Taskboard is a reliable solution for those looking at Trello alternatives. It has features like filtering, comments, attachments and other features which are similar to a Kanban Board. It also has inline support for Markdown which is a text-HTML conversion tool for writer.


These are a lot of apps and you don’t need all of them to become a master of project management. Just choose among two or three Trello alternatives and think what could you manage your time, team and project better. And go for it!