Best Travel Apps for iPhone 7 2017

iPhone 7 Travel Apps: Are you planning to go on a holiday with your family? Or do you wish to just take your backpack and travel around the world? No matter what are your travel plans apps on your phone can be of great help. While it is important to keep in touch with your friends and family during travel, it is also important to have something by your side which can keep you well informed about the place and also helps you plan and execute it.


Yplan App for iphone

Are you traveling to a new city and looking for a place for a night out or have fun. Yplan is the right app for you. This application can be conveniently used in New York, San Francisco, and London. While using this app, the user can search for the best events taking place nearby and can also book tickets without having to spend much time on it. With this app in your iPhone 7, one can be sure of never getting bored no matter where they are.

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Yelp App for iphone 7

Yelp has over 50 million reviews of business available, which helps you to reach out to the best bar, restaurant, shop etc. So no matter on which portion of the planet you are, you can be directed to your favorite destination with the help of this application. Hence in case, if on someday if you wish to be lost somewhere then this app is the right choice to make from the app store.

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Trip Splitter

Trip splitter App for iphone 7

Are you traveling along with your friends, and finding it difficult to keep a track of the expense and to who owes what. In such a scenario one of the best choices to make from the app store is travel splitter. It is quite easy to use and allows you quickly split the bills and keep a track of who owes what. With this app, you need not have to get into huge arguments with your friends, and you can have the real-time view of expense every time during travel.

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Triplt for iPhone 7

This amazing application keeps a track of almost everything related to your travel. So no matter if it is your hotel details, car rental confirmation, booking of restaurant or airplane plans every detail can be stored within it. Hence, you have to just open the app to find out what are your plans for today, tomorrow or day after.

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Lyft app for iPhone 7

This app has emerged as one of the best alternatives to different taxi apps available. With this app, travelers can book a taxi ride in local or outstation areas. It is entirely convenient to book taxis from these apps, as drivers are well informed about the place and can easily help you have a city tour. Moreover, it is also a safe app to opt for as all drivers have been appointed after conducting a background check.

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Kayak app for iPhone 7

Kayak has made it easy for the users to look for hotels, flights, car rentals or other requirements at single place. Once the app has been downloaded, it is completely easy for the users to compare prices of different hotels or airplane. Moreover, they can even stay updated about the flight timings and find out if a flight is on time or not.

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