Best Total Commander Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Total Commander 2017: Total Commander is a shareware Conventional File Manager for Windows. It prices 32€. Some features comprise a built-in FTP client, file relates archive file steering and a multi-rename tool through regular expression provision. From 1993 until 2002, Total Commander was named Windows Commander. It has various language and Unicode care.


This Total Commander alternative is a delay of the Windows Explorer, to improve multi-tab functionality like to Google Chrome browser. Afterwards, Clover is installed, you will be capable of opening multiple files in the same window, and you can also be capable of adding file bookmarks.

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Midnight Commander

This Total Commander alternative is a graphic file manager, licensed under GNU General Public License and therefore succeeds as Permitted Software. It’s a feature ironic full-screen text mode request that allows you to print, move and delete records and whole manual trees, search for records and run instructions in the subshell.

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File Explorer

File Explorer, before known as Windows Explorer. It delivers a graphical user interface for retrieving the file systems. It is also the constituent of the operating system that dowries many user interface things on the monitor, for example, the taskbar and screen.

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This Total Commander alternative is a file manager for Windows. It sorts tabbed cruising, a powerful file search, an adaptable preview, an extremely customizable interface, elective dual pane, scripting engine, and a great array of unique methods to efficiently automate regularly recurring tasks. It’s wild, light, and moveable.

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This Total Commander alternative is a file manager for KDE concentrating on usability. Has three vision modes: Icon, Detail and it recycled to have Column View similar in Finder. Supports FTP, SCP, and other procedures. Highly configurable. Dolphin provisions a dual-pane view but also file cruising in tabs.

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This Total Commander alternative creates your files and folder informal to manage. Fast and calm access, with an incredible Quadro-View method. You don’t consume to renounce the normal, Drag and Drop, all Opinions, and other purposes of your system. One can save various hand exchanges and also time.

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MuCommander is a cross-platform file executive that will run on any working system which provisions Java. It sorts a Norton Commander style edge to allow easy operation of files with various keyboard shortcuts.

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Thunar is a new recent file manager for the Xfce Desktop Setting. Thunar has been intended from the earth up to be fast and easy-to-use. Its operator interface is clean and instinctive and does not comprise any confusing or unusable options.

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TrolCommander – fork of the permitted and open source Small muCommander icon muCommander file executive.  TrolCommander is a frivolous, cross-platform file manager through a dual-pane interface through tabbed navigation as well as rich functionality. It innings on any operating system through Java support.

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Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is the finest looking file and cloud manager by two independent panels, which carries to you a new file browsing knowledge. This is the only completely featured file manager through Material Project you can find in the Play Store. It’s improved, faster and solid when equated to the competition.