Best Toddler Apps for iPhone 7 2017

iPhone 7 Toddler Apps: Kids are the apple of the eye of their parents and they wish to keep them happy and chirpy always. However, at times kids feel so irritated and restless, that it becomes difficult to manage them and keep them busy. They This is when the role of Toddler apps come in. for users of iPhone, it is not at all difficult to manage their kids, as they have some of the best Toddler apps available in the app store to download and deviate their kids or refresh their mood. Some of the apps which can be considered or downloaded from the app store have been listed below.

Toddler Flashcards

Toddler Flashcards app for iPhone 7

The toddler flashcards enable parents to teach their kids in different languages. It has 13 different languages to make a choice from, and using these parents can teach their toddlers names of animals, food, object, numbers etc. The application is quite an interactive one, wherein both spoken audio and animal sounds are used to make it more interesting for kids. For users who wish to upgrade their application, they can upgrade it by paying a mere cost of USD 1.99 and with this paid version users will have nine additional languages to access.

Download toddler flashcards from AppStore

Busy Shapes

Busy Shapes app for iPhone 7

With this application, one can help their child handle and learn about simple objects by solving a series of puzzles. All kids have to do is, change simple shapes and place them at the right place or holes. With this application, a parent can be sure that their child will come out learning more about shapes, colors, sizes about which earlier they were unaware about.

Download busy shapes from AppStore


Kidzongs app for iPhone 7

This amazing application can be availed at a mere price of USD 0.99. It isn’t a high-tech application at all and can be used by any and everyone. Using this application, users will have to just sing along with their child. Six different songs have been imbibed within the app that also has an animated lyrics page. At times it has been witnessed, those children develop the love for music by simply using this app or singing songs available on it.

Download  Kidzongs from AppStore

Peekaboo Barn

Peekaboo Barn app for iPhone 7

This is an adventure app which can make learning for your child a fun task to do. By using this application, your kid will be able to learn the name of 16 barn animals and that too in different languages. The languages which can be learned using the app includes English, Spanish, French, Italian etc. Kids also gets the chance of hearing sounds of animals which makes it even more interesting for them than using any other application.

Download Peekaboo Barn from AppStore

Duckie Deck Collection

Duckie Deck Collection app for iPhone 7

This application in the app store can be used for kids between the age of 2 to 5, which can help them learn about healthy habits, creativity and also assist them in working on problems. This is not all; it shall also help him imagine things and also would learn how to take care of pets. Thus, after your kid starts using this app, you would begin noticing in him significant changes which are worth appreciating.

Download Duckie Deck Collection from AppStore


Bubbles app for iPhone 7

This yet another amazing application has been made for toddlers who need to have some fun and wish to get distracted from the usual things. While using this app, it brings a smile on the face of your kid as popping bubbles keep emerging to your phone to make them happy.

Download bubbles from AppStore