Best Teracopy Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Teracopy 2017: Teracopy is the best available software for copying and moving your files from one place to another in a faster way. Using this software, you can also pause and resume the process of copying and moving your files. Still there are some drawbacks to it such as it is not available for Mac OS computers. Let us look at some of the best available Teracopy alternatives 2017:


This software can be easily integrated into system shell and automatically replaces the Windows default file copy when a copy or move operation is initiated. The icon of the program in the system tray will easily let you to start a copy or move operation, cancel an operation and even can deactivate the program temporarily.

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Copy Handler

This teracpoy alternatives is fully customizable and can be easily integrated into your operating system. Using this software, we can have multiple read or write buffer size presets depending on the copy or move locations and other media. The software even allows you to specify the buffer size to change the transfer speeds.

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This teracpoy alternatives is lightweight in size and features the exact same features of the Teracopy. The software lets you move or copy files in a fast way and also lets you choose two available modes for copying or moving files. Using this tool, you can also specify the size of the buffer for the read or write operations.

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Ultra Copier

Using this teracpoy alternatives, the user can perform multiple move or copy operations at the same time, according to their requirements. This software is also very handy as it is also a portable application that can be installed even on USB devices. This software is also available for all the OS platforms.

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Extreme Copy

Along with all the basic features that come with this tool just similar to teracpoy, this tool also features like adjustable read or write buffer size, task queuing, auto retry on errors and many such. This tool is not at all overly complicated and is extremely easy to use. However, the one feature lacking in this software is that it cannot move files, except copying.

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Along with multiple tasks, scheduling of tasks, fast copying and moving of files, pausing and resuming of transfers, quick integration into OS, minimizing to system tray, it also has many other features that can be tinkered with.

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Perigee Copy

Not as much similar to Teracopy, but the tool comes with all the basic features of the Teracopy such as fast copying and moving of files specified, easy integration into system OS, auto skipping on errors and such other. But, it does not support multiple tasks, and pause or resume transfers.

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This tool although has been developed a long time ago, it has been introduced only recently into the internet, and until then it has been only an internal application of Microsoft. The tool features a more user friendly graphical user interface with wide variety of options to choose from.

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This copying or moving files software has features like quick integration with Windows shell, simple adding of things and indexes, can perform right click operations, multi task performing and many such.

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This is yet another alternatives for Teracopy. It provides real time monitoring of all its running job. This include speed in MBPS, completion time and relative progress bar. Its a lightweight and free to use Teracopy alternatives.