Best Tennis Apps for IPhone 7 2017

Tennis Apps for iPhone 7: The users of iPhone are proud owners of smart apps who can access the internet all the time and make use of the apps which suits their choices. While users love almost all the sports played around the world, some people loves to play tennis and hold matches with their friends and other competitors. The best way of play tennis and have access to the game is by way of different tennis apps available on the app store.

For users to have access to the apps, they have to simply log on to the app store and look for different apps of their choice. Some of the tennis apps which can be accessed from the app store have been listed below;

Tennis Trakker

Tennis Trakker app for iPhone 7

This application is available in three different versions which include pro, lite and also score. These three versions enable the users to score match statistics as they watch the game, and then view statistical analysis to compare strength and weaknesses of different players, situations and games. The user interface of this app is quite easy to use and can be easily accessed by users around the world. For users to download the app, they have to pay a nominal charge of USD 12.99 and download it from the app store.

Download Tennis Trakker for iPhone

My Tennis Stats

My Tennis Stats app for iPhone 7

With this app, users can easily keep a track of a wide range of statistics and stay updated. Users accessing the app can gain information pertaining to first serve percentage, misses’ returns, breakpoints, etc. Thus users while accessing the app can expect to stay updated with almost all the information about tennis. This app also has another version which is free, however, limits the users to 45 points. This application can be easily availed at USD 9.99 from the app store

Download my tennis stats from AppStore

Hit with Me

Hit with Me app for iPhone 7

This is a social networking app which helps the users to stay connected to other players around the world. While accessing the app, users can scroll through player profiles and also find people nearby for playing singles and doubles. Users after playing the game, can give their opponents rating based on different factor i.e. sportsmanship and also skill levels.

Download hit with me from AppStore

Virtual Tennis Coach

Virtual Tennis Coach app for iPhone 7

Users can have a look at the free video lessons on service and also for the backhand smash. Along with it, there is certain instructional video which can be purchased as per the requirement of the user. Different videos are available at different price ranges i.e. different strokes video USD 2.99, tennis in 10 minutes USD 3.99. Along with different types of videos, it also features videos of Peter Smith which has been voted or nominated as Australian Tennis Coach of the year.

Download video tennis coach from AppStore


ServeSpeed app for iPhone 7

This application enables the user to calculate the initial speed of the tennis serve. Using this app, users can also record their speed at 240 frames per second. Once the speed has been recorded, it then calculates speed which includes tracking time, distance, speed at bounce and also the direction. The results can be saved for future reference and can be used as a standard to measure upcoming performances and also progress.

Download ServeSpeed from AppStore