Best Teleprompter Apps for MAC 2017

Teleprompter Apps: How anyone gives an impressive speech from the stage is there any miracle? No, they use something with the latest technology which helps to make a good eye contact with stunningly professional video presentation. This is known as a teleprompter.

What is a teleprompter?

Basically, the teleprompter is a display, just a display which provides the visuals to you for making your speech good and fluent. Teleprompter provides electronic visual text so that one can make the eye contact with the text and read it out nicely.

5 Best teleprompter apps for MAC 2017:

Your MAC 2017 can be teleprompter. You can setup any teleprompter app in your MAC and make a visual contact with text. Although there are dozens of teleprompter Apps for MAC but to save your time, money and efforts you need to get some best of the best’s App for you. Here you will get the information about top 5 teleprompter Apps for MAC. Go ahead.

  • PromptSmart Pro
  • Aqua Prompt
  • ProPrompter
  • ShadowScript
  • MagicScroll

1. PromptSmart Pro

PromptSmart Pro

One of the best teleprompter App for MAC with a 5-star rating and great reviews on the Apps store. It is available now with a new version. It automatically follows your words with patent pending technology. You need to pay $14 to buy this App.

  • 14 fonts, and 19 text/ background colours.
  • Remember script/ notecard position upon closing of an App.
  • Elapsed timer to stay on schedule.

Download PromptSmart Pro for MAC

2. Aqua PromptAquaPrompt for MAC

The best and most affordable teleprompter for MAC. You can easily create your speech and make it comfortable by applying background colors etc. according to you.

  • It provides easy to use interface.
  • The features like scrolling, resizable, moveable window are available.
  • Not a free App as it costs $15.

Download Aqua Prompt for MAC

3. ProPrompter

ProPrompter for MAC

It is one of the best and quite professional teleprompter App for MAC. It comes with many more features and easy user interface. It is not a free software and you need to pay around $130 to get this App.

  • It is available with the new Version 5.0.14.
  • A bunch of features and functions are available in prompter.

Download ProPrompter for MAC

4. ShadowScript

ShadowScript small

Quite an expensive teleprompter App for MAC but the best one, if money is no matter to you then must go for this teleprompter App. You need to pay $500 for this App.

  • It is able to provide an easy and the best editing.
  • It has a user-friendly preview feature.

Download ShadowScript for MAC

5. MagicScroll

MagicScroll for MAC

One of the bests and useful teleprompter App for MAC. It is a paid App which costs $395. It comes with many new features which perform more tasks according to the user desires and need.

  • Can work in more languages.
  • Open multiple scripts, copy and paste text.
  • Fonts style can be changed easily.
  • Size and colors of text, background colors can be changed according to need.

Download MagicScroll for MAC