Best Tech News Apps for IPhone 7 2017

iPhone 7 Tech News Apps: People have become a lot dependent on the phone these days; they look up for their phones for anything and everything in the world. For individuals who are tech savvy and would like to stay updated about anything and everything related to tech, I am sure they might be looking for some apps which can provide them update tech news on their iPhone.

Hence in order to assist the users to reach to the tech news, we have brought some apps which can be downloaded from the app store conveniently.

Appy Geek – Tech News

Appy Geek – Tech News app for iPhone 7

It is one of the best apps which offer daily updated breaking news pertaining to tech. The news available in the app includes news on mobile, gadgets, video games, product info, science, art etc. This app brings complete articles to the readers such that every bit of information is passed on to the users. More than 1 million topics are brought forth which are of interest to tech-savvy people and can be read throughout to have complete information.

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Breaking News

Breaking News app for iPhone 7

This has emerged as one of the most popular apps, which allows the users to filter the kind of news they would like to read. Hence for tech lovers, they can simply apply the filter to tech related news and keeping scrolling to get latest updates. One of the things, which makes this app different from others is it contains genuine news and are not created on its own. Hence users can expect to get the most genuine and real updates here.

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BuzzFeed News

BuzzFeed News app for iPhone 7

This application is currently limited to the US and it comes from the journalism department of BuzzFeed. The application gets updated in almost every couple of hours serving people with almost all the relevant information pertaining to different categories. For people who wish to access tech updates, they can subscribe to notifications of tech news only and thus stay updated with all the latest information and buzz of this section.

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NYT Now app for iPhone 7

This wonderful app has been able to hit lots of first to it. It stands out as the first app, which allows the users to have access without requiring signing in from any account. Moreover, it can be accessed for free, without requiring the users to spend even a single penny. This app is being managed and monitored by editors, who make sure to post 30 stories during the day. Users with this app can easily search and filter out tech news and stay updated about everything around.

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Newsbeat app for iPhone 7

This newly launched app which has been off lately launched by the US media company Tribune. The users of this application, can type in their text and look for new sources or categories which they are searching in. Hence the tech savvy people have to just look for tech news and stay updated about all the latest information relating to it. Thus with this app, all the users can have a personalized news post and stay connected to the whole outside world.

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