Best Teamviewer Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Teamviewer 2017: Work became a shared experience rather than individual’s effort. Technological advancements also enabled people to connect from home or remote locations they were in. It facilitated working around the clock irrespective of the place one was in. By technological advancement we mean specifically applications like Teamviewer which helps people to connect with their logins and password to one computer; working on their role in the project from remote locations at any point of time. But Teamviewer is not the only one to perform remotely, there are many alternatives doing the good job. Some such Teamviewer alternatives are being discussed here:

Remote Desktop connection

Remote Desktop Connection, as the very name suggests, when you enable this option in your computer, say at office, you can access your computer at home completely on all aspects. You can access your files and other network facilities like mails sitting at home and continue your work as though you are at your desk at office.

 remote desktop


Using this no-cost free application, you will be empowered to access nearly 10 computers connected with internet connection. The setting up process takes the minimal time and an add on names LogMeIn Pro will have to be installed in case you want to transfer files between the computers, make use of voice facilities and printing options

log me in


This application helps you view your group members and partners’ computers sitting at your desk. The basic requirements for using this free software is an Internet connection, Keyboard and mouse through which you can work on the other computers you have access to staying back in your own location 

ultra vnc 


TightVNC works in the same way UltraVNC works. It is a free application that is both simple and easy to use.

 tight vnc

An application from the owners of LogMeIn, is a simple remote computer sharing application which requires no basic registration for using it. Just by installing the same in all the computers required to be remote access to computers can be achieved. 

Chrome Remote Desktop

Basically an arm of the Google Chrome browser, the remote access to computers using this software happens through the Chrome Book or Chrome Browser. While Chrome Remote Desktop offers complete security to data and accesses in a professional manner, it offers options to the users to choose between short term adhoc access and long term usage of the remote desktop.

chrome remote desktop


While this application offers a great advantage over the other similar type of applications namely the remote access can be on different type of computers say one Mac and the other a Linux based one, the flipside to the application is that only two computers can be accessed at any point of time.

real vnc