Best Survival Games for MAC 2017

Top Survival Games for MAC: Every year developers create dozens of games with an endless classification such as racing, action, strategy, and quiz etc. But one category of the game gets a huge response and attraction, this is survival category. Survival games for MAC 2017 come under a great demand of gamers. Survival games need a great attention and focus on playing. By growing the world of gaming, developers are adding more and more features in these games which need great efforts to play a survival game.

What is a survival game?

A survival game is all about surviving a worst situation. It provides few tasks to a gamer to cross the hurdles and survive by managing the entire hurdles. It can be a hurdle of crossing an ocean, a fire or a jungle.  Although you can play many of survival games online or by downloading but here you are going to get few best survival games for MAC. Take a look.

Best survival games for MAC:

A list of top 5 survival games for MAC, with the description and downloading link.

Stranded Series


This game is an island which is dangerous enough and the aim in this game is to cross the hurdles to survive and reach home safely.

  • Game comes in two versions Stranded -1 and Stranded- 2
  • Package of great graphics and enough to make you addictive.
  • It is a free game.

Download Stranded Series for MAC

7 Days to Die


One of the best survival games for MAC. It is a challenge in this game to survive in between the crowd of dangerous zombies. The game has great features, graphics, horror sounds and needs the determination to survive. It makes more fun to play the game.

  • Available for MAC and Windows both
  • Understandable user interface.
  • Free to download.

Download 7 Days to Die for MAC



This game is a hurdle of surviving in an ocean with the very worst situation. It is an underwater adventure game when an alien goes deep in a sea after a crash landing.

  • Required minimum 2GB of RAM.
  • Not a free game

Download Subnautica for MAC



It is the game with great adventure where serving will only be the goal. You need to fight to overcome the struggle of thirst, hunger and cold. Making a shelter for yourself and burning fire are the part of tasks including hunting of animals and cooking the meat to survive.

  • Size of this game 88MB
  • Can costs $26

Download Rust for MAC

The Long Dark


One of the best games of survival for MAC. A wild adventure with darkness where you have to face the dying challenges. There is no enemy in this game like a zombie, animal or monster etc. you just have to face the struggle of hunger, thirst, and cold.

  • Required 4GB RAM
  • Memory 8GB

Download The Long Dark for MAC