Best Sublime Text Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Sublime Text 2017: Sublime Text is an erudite text editor for code, HTMLany type of text file. You’ll love the smooth user interface and extraordinary features.Sublime Text 2 has a previous form of the program that can be downloaded without even expiration time limit for free of cost, but with the limited functionalities associated to Sublime Text 3 and currently in beta.Some of the alternatives are as follows:


The Notepad++ is free of cost source code editor and Notepad standby that supports numerous languages. Notepad++ is the language that is written in C++ and it uses pure Win32 API and STL which safeguards a higher accomplishment speed and also smaller program size.

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This sublime text alternative is the hackable text editor.At GitHub, we’re trying to build up the text editor that we’ve always wanted. It is a tool you can modify to do anything, but also can use productively on the very first day without ever touching the configuration file. Atom is quite modern, approachable, and it is hackable to the core.

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The Vim offers many “modes” for editing with competence. This makes the Vim a non-user-friendly submission but it one of the strength. This normal mode binds up alphanumeric keys to many task-oriented commands. The graphic mode highlights the text.

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The Brackets is the open-source editor for the web design and expansion built on top of web skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This project was created and is upheld by Adobe, and it is released under an MIT License.

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This sublime text alternative is one of the official text editors of the GNOME desktop environment. It has syntax and is suitable for the programming, with maintenance for many languages. It is extensible with the plugins. It has features such as Undo/Redo, Editing files from remote locations, Print and print preview support, File reverting.

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The Geany is quite small and frivolous Integrated Development Environment. It was industrialised to provide the small and fast IDE, which has insufficient dependencies from many other packages. Another aim was to be as sovereign as possible from a special Desktop Environment. Geany only needs the GTK2 runtime libraries.

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Visual Studio Code

This sublime text alternative code associations the streamlined UI of the modern editor with rich code support and navigation, and has an integrated debugging experience without even the need for a full IDE.

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GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs are the extensible, customizable text editor and much more. At its core is a translator for Emacs Lisp, a language of the Lisp programming language with the extensions to support many text editing.

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GNU nano

This sublime text alternative is small as well as a friendly text editor. Besides the basic text editing, nano offers many of extra features like a communicating search and replace, go to the line and has column number, auto-pockmark, feature toggles, support of internationalisation, and has filename tab completion.

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Komodo Edit

This sublime text alternative is very fast, smart, free as well as an open-source code editor. You can switch your trusty code as editor is hard, but it gives Komodo Edit and has worth your use.