Best Stumbleupon Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Stumbleupon 2017: Stumbleupon is most renowned discovery engine on the web that helps the user to discover new web pages on the internet. It returns the relevant users search results and also recommends other related web content. Using Stumbleupon, one can also rate web pages, photos and videos that are relevant to their tastes and preferences. But their are other alternatives to Stumbleupon doing good on net, have a look at them:


One best stumbleupon alternatives is SpinSnap which is a discovery engine that helps its users to discover new interesting sites. One the user clicks on the Spin button, he or she will start discovering new sites, and can stop only when they find an interesting one. Another way of discovering new sites is through tags available.

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This stumbleupon alternatives is a social media tool that will be installed as an extension to the Firefox browser. After installation, it will open through a side bar and offers recommended websites through thee side bar. Using this extension, users can also share their browsing websites to their friends through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and FriendFeed.

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This stumbleupon alternatives also offers a similar toolbar feature just like Stumbeupon. Instead, users can also use the website of Youlicit to browse through the list of recommended websites. But, the toolbar of Youlicit offers the best experience to the users than its website.

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This stumbleupon alternatives offers a unique interface to the users and it was built on Flash. Using this interface, the users can flip through the web pages like flipping a magazine while browsing through for their interesting websites. The program of Fichey gathers popular websites from other web services such as Delicious, Digg and Stumbleupon.

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Of course, Pinterest is also another stumbleupon alternatives and is a website discovery engine other than being an image sharing website. You can use Pinterest not only for discovering amazing photos from around the internet, but also for discovering amazing websites that suit your interest.

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You can use Folkd to bookmark and share your favourite sites on the web and also to share those of your favourite sites with your friends and relatives through email, Facebook and Twitter. You can also use it to search for the most popular links and discover cool sites that other users have liked on the website Folkd.

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This is also a website discovery engine that works as a random website search engine. To use this tool, you just have to click on the go random button to find new interesting web pages. While entering the website for the first time, you have to choose the category of your interest from the drop down or select ‘go random’, to get your recommendations.

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This is yet another social bookmarking tool just like stumbleupon alternatives, using which users can find interesting websites links on the internet that many find them interesting. You can also update new website links that you find interesting and also participate in discussions about any website through the comments section.

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This stumbleupon alternatives uses its proprietary data sources and crack editorial team, finds interesting web pages that are most interesting and most talked about on the internet as of now.

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Google’s “Picks for you”

Based on your browsing history saved in Google, the Google toolbar recommends the users some interesting websites similar to your interests.