Best Stock Market Apps for iPhone 7 2017

Stock Market Apps for iPhone 7: Do you regularly invest in stock market scrips and keep checking the status of the market to analyze your risks and returns? If this is the case, I am sure the stock market apps would be of a lot use to you. These applications can be easily downloaded from the app store and be used as per your comfort and convenience.

One of the best parts of these applications are, their information can be trusted upon and can be considered for making sales and purchase from the stock market. To assist you to make choice of the best apps, we have brought forth some of them below.

Stock + Option

Stock + Option App for iPhone 7

This wonderful application helps you have access to the real-time status of stocks in the market. Along with this, it also gives you the comfort of trading, chart analysis, calendar, portfolio management etc. Hence if you are looking forward to all in one app, then this is probably the best choice to make which can be chosen over other apps in the store. Its reliable information can also be referred to for investing in the market and earning good returns.

Download Stock + Option from app store


StockPro App for iPhone 7

This is one of the most popular stock apps available on app store, which is known for its professional quality in Forex trading and also providing real-time status to the people. Along with this, it also has some amazing features that include real-time push notifications and also real-time streaming quotes. This is not all; the user can also create unlimited watch lists in the app and stay updated about the scrips.

Download StockPro from app store

Stocks Live – Stock Market Game Changer, Portfolio & Shares Manager

Stocks Live App for iPhone 7

It is another stock market app available for iPhone which includes pro features and also has an easy to use interface, which is user-friendly and can be operated by any and everyone. It possesses all the features which one can expect from an application i.e. real time tracking of stocks, global coverage, unlimited watch lists and many more things.

Download stocks live from app store

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance App for iPhone 7

This is probably one of the best apps which can be availed for free from the app store. This application can be relied on for its information, and also has an easy user interface which can operate comfortably by the users. Hence, for users who are looking for an app which is free and also possesses features they can opt for this application from the app store.

Download yahoo finance from app store

CNBC Business News and Finance

CNBC Business News and Finance app fr iPhone 7

It is an official app of CNBC which is available in the app store for all the iPhone and iPad users. This app effectively provides its users with real-time stock market news and also data which might be of much use to the users accessing stock market. Hence for users who are looking for a free app for their device then this is probably one of the best apps to choose from.

Download CNBC from app store