Best Squarespace Alternatives 2017

Squarespace is a SaaS based website hosting service. Squarespace is a user friendly website builder, which enables the developer to design the efficient websites with extensive tools and beautiful designer templates. Squarespace provides the best solutions to develop the websites or blogs with minimalist and sophisticated approach. But if the developer needs to customize the website personally then one needs to go for coding. The non technical customers may certainly look for Squarespace alternatives to design their content. Here, is a reference to some of the available alternatives:



The WordPress powers almost 22.5% websites. Unlike Squarespace it is a CMS which needs a hosting website. WordPress is available as application in App store and Playstore. The software has about 220 free and 180 premium themes, and allows the developers to create blogs, websites and mobile applications. Moreover the software is free as well as paid for users but needs a hosting website unlike other Squarespace alternatives.

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Wix is one of the most competitive companies with years of experience. Wix was first to introduce the built-in mobile editor and parallax scrolling effects in the templates. Wix offers more than 500 professional templates.

The content of chosen template can be replaced with personal content. Wix has one of the best customer supports available at a click. The website also provides phone and email support to their customers. Website offers free and the premium subscription costing 6.90 USD per month.

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Weebly is best hosting Squarespace alternatives for beginners. It provides an easy user interface with basic necessities to help the developers in creating an efficient functional website. The website provides limited templates but it also simplifies the change of template by transferring the content to new template automatically. The developers have flexibility to access the CSS codes and customize their designs. Weebly’s Business plans range from 5 to 9 USD monthly.

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Against competitors, Jimdo has universal presence.  The website provides access to HTML and CSS codes to customize the design. The Jimdo application is available in the App Store in 46 countries. With Jimdo, the developers can create and edit the website on the go. Its business subscription plans range from 7.5 to 20 USD monthly.

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GoDaddy is the common choice as Squarespace alternatives for entrepreneurs. GoDaddy is the biggest domain name registrar in the world. It provides over 300 templates with drag and drop technique. The site provides 24/7/365 support to customers via live chat, email support and phone. The WYSIWUG approach has made it highly popular among no technical developers. GoDaddy offers personal and business plans, prices of the same varies from 5.99USD to 14.99USD monthly.

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There are many hosting website which are based on SaaS or Adobe based systems. The developers are required to estimate their requirements first, whether they need blog or e commerce site etc. Moreover budget is an equally important issue for the entrepreneurs. The thorough study of website services and pricing policies of Squarespace and Squarespace alternatives can allow marking the exact host for successful venture.