Best Sports Games for MAC 2017

Top Sports Games for MAC: People who are sports fans and don’t get time to play the sports in real life are the ones that are most passionate about playing any sports game in free time. On an average, an American spends close to 5 hours a day playing games on MAC. Here we will list some of the most played and famous sports games for MAC 2017.

The basic advantage of playing games on mobile instead of real life is that it gives instant access to the game while you are travelling or while you are having some free time. Whenever you are moving from one place to other, the games especially sports games can be your best friend as they make you feel productive.

Characteristics of a good sports game

But before going directly to the games let us highlight some of the characteristics of a good sports game.

  • The best sports game have the best graphics and controls.
  • Easier the controls and richer the graphics, the more people are going to get engaged in the game.
  • The most important aspect of the sports game is the gameplay, the gameplay should resemble the real game.

 NBA 2k15


 This is one the most played basketball game. You can easily install NBA 2k15 on your MAC. The graphics of the game are exceptional and there are different options available for different difficulty levels. There is something in the game for every type of the player. A player new to the sports games will find this game easy to learn and play.

Download NBA 2k15 for MAC



The hockey enthusiasts will find this game very interesting and easy to play. It provides a career mode for the player so that he can track his progress in the game. There are fast modes where three on three players can play the game and even there are shootout modes where you will find yourself most thrilled.

Download NHL 2K for MAC

Madden NFL Mobile


The game is an interesting combination of hard-core simulations and free to play the game. It brings American football to life with the high-quality graphics and elegant controls. It has a well-defined gameplay as the rules are rigid. The rules have to be followed by each player and the opponent to prevent themselves from a penalty.

Download Madden NFL Mobile for MAC

Football Heroes: Pro Edition



It gives the player a full on arcade experience of playing football. The control of the game are simple and the players of the game have been given a cartoon look so that the player can engage more with the game. It can be converted into a social game as you can battle with your friends in the game. In order to boost their power in the game, the players earn and spend online cash.

Download Football Heroes: Pro Edition for MAC

MLB Perfect Inning



 It is the most exciting baseball game for the players of all age groups. To progress in the game the player has to collect the cards. The entire simulation of the game is controlled by AI.

Download MLB Perfect Inning for MAC