Best Sports Apps for iPhone 7 2017

Sports Apps 2017: There are many who love to watch sports and be updated as much as they love playing it. However, if sports enthusiasts want to be in the loop of the latest scores and updates, they need to have a smartphone app that helps them know about their favorite sports. There are various such apps which help you know everything that is going on around the sport you love.

Let’s check out the best sports apps that you will love using:


ESPN for iPhone 7

ESPN is the best sports app that you can get, it is one of the largest sports network and those who miss it out on TV, and they can tune into the app and be updated. You’ll get to know all the sporting news and information all at a single place. Even if you are looking for updated scoring information, this app helps you know it before others. Users can customize a list of their favorite teams to receive updates about them as and when they please.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports for iPhone 7

CBS Sports is an app that specializes in providing personalized score updates, stats, news, analysis and a lot more. It is a complete package that offers you everything related to sports. You can add the teams you want to know updates about and whenever there is a match or anything related to the team, you will be notified about it. It’s a great app for all the sports enthusiasts and those who want to be at the forefront of every sports news.


TheScore for iPhone 7For those who want to know real time scores of all the matches that are happening live, the Score is the best app you can have. It updates all the scores in real time so you get to know them faster than before. You can even look up the upcoming games and know the stats of all the previous games. The statistical breakdown that the app offers is quite unique and unlike what other apps offer. There is an event calendar which lets you have a quick glance over which games are going to happen in the next few days.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports app for iPhone 7

Yahoo is among the popular search engines and it had a sports unit named Sportacular. A few years back, it was rebranded to Yahoo sports which provide comprehensive details regarding all the popular sports as well as leagues that you are interested in. You will see the latest news here and all the information is synced with the website so everything stays the same. There are a detailed player, team and league statistics for the people who want to compare.

Team Stream

Team Stream for iPhone 7

If you want to know the latest updates and news about your favorite teams, players or leagues then this is the best app to have. Team Stream doesn’t generalize content or any kind of news. It provides you news or stats for the teams and people you care about. It delivers relevant news quickly so that you know everything about the sports, teams, and players you support.