Best Soundcloud Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Soundcloud in 2017. It is important for any musician to reach out to the fans. The easiest way for struggling artists is to upload music on YouTube or allow people to download their albums free of cost. One of the most popular website choices to stream music online is Soundcloud. It is free to use and some songs can also be downloaded for free. It is good for any independent and upcoming artist. Soundcloud just doesn’t host songs; it also caters to other demands like stand-up comedy shows, lectures and audio books. Users can create their profile and comment on the tracks. But the annoying advertisements in the websites leads audience to fall for Soundcloud alternatives.

Ads can pop up in between your songs and ruin the music listening experience. You might not be able to find tracks from popular artists as well because of its poor search capability. There are many other Soundcloud alternatives that can be used to listen to upcoming and independent musicians. Here are some alternatives to getting your music fix, so don’t go anywhere.




Mixcloud is a leading streaming website, or a re-thinking radio. You can listen to radio, podcasts and DJ mix. It allows users to upload song remixes, lecture, and podcasts as well. Content can be shared with your friends as well as on your social media websites. There is no limit on upload, but it has no functionality for downloading songs. There is something for every music fan, jazz, world music, hip hop and live recordings from concerts. It is popular with DJs as well and you can find interesting tracks as well.



Bandcamp is a great tool to discover new music, download music. You can upload music, set your own price or give it away for free. It is free for everyone, so you can explore and upload great music. It serves as a one stop tool for fans, labels and musicians. Labels can receive info about their artists while artists have total freedom over their music and pricing. Artists can also access real-time statistics and info of their customers.



Mixcrate is another Soundcloud Alternatives catering to DJs. You can follow other DJs and members to find your favorite music. The collection of music is quite vast with coverage of many genres and types. You get unlimited uploads so you can upload your mixes and share with the music community. Also, since there’s no strict definition of DJ mix, there is no legal or copyright problem.



8Tracks is another worthy contender in the Soundcloud alternatives list. It is quite underrated, but deserves more attention. It is a great website allowing users to upload their creations, find mix tapes. It is available on the desktop as well as on iOS and Android. You can discover your kind of music, upload music, make your music private and share them with your friends. It has music for all moods, whether you are sleepy, happy, in love or you are in a party or road trip. The downside, however, is lack of streaming directly from 8Tracks in regions other than US and Canada. Users will instead be able to view video playback via YouTube. Playlists won’t also be streamed through the mobile apps. Despite all these problems, it is a great tool to discover music.

Soundcloud is amazing, but it is in a legal soup right now. Lots of music is being deleted and artists are looking for other options. If you are on the lookout for Soundcloud Alternatives, then check out these options.