Best Shopify Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Shopify 2017: Shopify offers its customers many ways to sell their products. The sale can be made through Online Store of Shopify, Point of Sale, Retail Package, Buy Button, Facebook Shop, Facebook Messenger, or Enterprise. Shopify’s ecommerce platform is designed in such a way that all kinds of sales are covered in it like online or social media or store or on the road. Let us look at some of the Shopify alternatives 2017:


Another ecommerce platform, a Shopify alternatives is Volusion that offers all in one solution for selling online. It offers to its users a powerful store builder that features beautiful website templates, secure hosting and no transaction fee included in sales. There are both free and premium templates included for your website.

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This Shopify alternatives, Wix, is the perfect solution for small online shops. The ease of use in drag and drop editor is one of the best attribute in this platform. Customizable themes offer you several options in building your website. Although the basic version of Wix is free, more features can be availed with premium plans.

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Big Cartel

This Shopify alternatives, Big Cartel is specifically designed targeting artists, musicians, designers and shop owners who prefer quality over quantity. Although the basic free plan limits your number of products that can be kept on your store along with other features, there is also a platinum plan available for the deal breakers.

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Another Shopify alternatives, Payever is a completely free ecommerce platform website that offers its services to numerous small businesses online. There are several ways you can organise your sales through Payever like My Store, Point of Sale, Facebook Shop and some others.

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Tictail offers to its customers a 100% free way to start their custom shop on the online. There are no signing up fees or monthly subscription fees or commission fees for any of the sales orders placed on your shop online. However, there are several apps available for buying that

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Zibbet is both a website builder and a marketplace. So, when a product is listed on your online shop in Zibbet, it will automatically be displayed both on your shop website and also on the Zibbet marketplace. So, you have two sources where your products for sale can be viewed by your customers. But, Zibbet is specifically designed to cater the online marketplace needs of only artists, crafters and vintage collectors.

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Vend is a Point of Sale system designed to meet the online retail ecommerce needs of small businesses, non profits, mid size businesses and large enterprises. So, anyone who is involved in business can avail this point of sale system.

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Big Commerce

This web based ecommerce platform is designed to suit the online sales needs of all business sizes and types. The app has several built in advanced features and customizable templates using which the users can organize and promote their sales.

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This ecommerce online platform offers specific features to the various businesses depending on their nature, and offers customizability in building their shopping website online. Although it offers website building as its main service, online ecommerce store building is also its one of the main services.

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You should try LemonStand for your new ecommerce online store, if you are looking out for a website model that makes your online store stand out in the crowd.