Best SharePoint Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to SharePoint 2017: SharePoint by Microsoft is an online browser based collaboration tool and document management tool. SharePoint allows teams and groups for document sharing through a centralized and password protected space. It enables teams, organizations and individuals to discover, share and collaborate on content from anywhere in the world through any device. Let us look at some of the best SharePoint alternatives available:

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Using Alfresco, businesses can accelerate their digital transformation, by depending on the smart and modern software and unlocking the power of business critical content, process and collaboration. This SharePoint alternatives, ECM of Alfresco, is an open and powerful platform which can be easily integrated with your business applications and processes.

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This is another SharePoint alternatives that is best for businesses for its easy integration into your processes, and since it is built on enterprise and government grade security. The tool also does not require any patches or updates to be installed as it is a cloud based application.

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This is yet another SharePoint alternatives that offers smarter document collaboration across all of your devices from anywhere. Even though you are using any other file sharing application, you can easily access those files on same page and also can edit and save them.

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Liferay DXP

This SharePoint alternatives has been transformed from Social Office to Liferay DXP and offers the same services as SharePoint. Using this tool, the businesses can create and share information among your teams, maintain communication with your teams, and also can discuss with other team members.

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This SharePoint alternatives, Nuxeo, recognises the fact that in today’s changing world it is imminent that content management should be more collaborative and effective as the data and information are more complex and large to be dealt with. And hence, it boasts itself that it has been designed to scale gracefully with the businesses digital assets.

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Confluence is the one place where you can place all your team’s work, create, organize and discuss all your business work with your team members. You can even centralize all the scattered over work and also can organize all the work according to your departmental needs.

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Intranet Connections

This tool is specifically designed for those businesses that prefer employee retention and business process automation as their main objective. Through this tool, businesses can connect, collaborate and create more efficiently to yield significant time and cost savings.

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This is easy to implement SharePoint alternatives has gained its popularity in the market for its effectiveness in employee engagement for the various businesses that have used it for their information and collaboration requirements. The intranet software offered by Jostle is absolutely simple to implement and maintain.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is a great option if you are looking out for a SharePoint alternatives for a cloud based document sharing. Using all other tools of Google like Hangouts, Gmail, Calendar and Contacts, Drive can be of much useful for any business.

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Using Box, for you content management system is better way, for its intuitive content organization skills and also it ensures a secure management of your content.