Best Server Monitoring Software 2017

Top Server Monitoring Software for 2017: Great server monitoring software not just give the point by point data on the heath of your servers, however, they additionally incorporate performance bench marking, alerting abilities, detailed reporting, information representations, and so forth to keep your site and system running easily. With such a variety of services accessible and best features, it can be difficult to select the one which will work best for your site. Here is the list of best Server Monitoring Software to use in 2017.

What are Server Monitoring Software and its importance?

Server monitoring is fundamentally a preventative measure to help you recognize any issues before they bring on any significant issues that influence your efficiency and your client. Any great server monitoring software can perform this task 24*7*365 without any hindrance. Any system crashes costs time and cash to repair. During a downtime it hurts the costing of your business as well as brand image, hence server monitoring is vital in guaranteeing service accessibility.

The top five server monitoring software:


nagiosNagios is an open-source monitoring system which permits you to recognize and resolve infrastructure issues before they influence basic procedures. It gives a centralized perspective of your whole IT base and detailed up-to-date status data. You can arrange Nagios to monitor applications, system metrics, services, protocols, servers and network base.

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Anturis offers a complete suite of tools to monitor servers, software, services, network and sites, all from one dashboard. As it’s cloud-based, there’s no need to install extra software or allocate additional hardware and resources. It gives total adaptability, permitting you to include infrastructures and parts as and when required.

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SeaLion is a Linux monitoring instrument used to rapidly determine issues with various Linux servers. It’s easy to utilize; simply open a web program and the output of standard commands gets accessible in a selected interface. You can hop to a particular time frame, include your own particular set of commands and think about the output of various servers’ side by side to discover why one server is outflanking another.

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Monitis provides an all-in-one monitoring stage to track sites, servers and applications, at whatever time from anyplace. It quantifies up-time, page burden, exchanges and load testing. Since it’s cloud-based, you won’t have to introduce any product and could be up and running inside minutes. With one unified dashboard, you have access to most part of the imperative metrics: system execution, server health, and other adaptable information.

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LogicMonitor gives SaaS-based server farm monitoring of physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT foundations. The product gives historical trending, execution checking, reporting, and email/SMS alarming to IT team. LogicMonitor gives pre-arranged out-of-the-box monitoring for most vendors of databases, switches, firewalls, routers, load balances, servers, VoIP frameworks applications, and capacity from a solitary online console.

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If you are hosting any application on your server, above specified monitoring tool is must ensure smooth services to client.