Best Scrivener Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Scrivener 2017: Scrivener is the word processor and project management tool which is created specifically for the writers of long texts such as novels and the research papers. It won’t try to state you how to write as it just makes all of the tools you have dispersed around your desk that are available in one single application. Some of the alternatives are as follows:


This Scrivener alternative is one of free and open source software used for writing novels. With Bibisco you can form the chapters and scenes, manage your revisions, export novel in any pdf or rtf file, and can write a fully featured text editor.

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The YWriter is a word processor which can break your novel into the chapters and scenes, and helps you to keep a track of your work while parting your mind free to produce. It will not just write your novel for you, but also suggest ideas or do creative tasks of all kind.

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This Scrivener alternative is used to write as well as organise your ideas in the Gingko tree documents. Whether building up a business or writing a success, Gingko lets your thoughts flow naturally into the place. You can even work with others, with a Real-time collaboration.

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The Manuskript is the open-source tool for authors, with an outliner, personality management, plot growth, a distraction-free editor, and much more. It helps to organize your thoughts and scraps in a graded manner. It will organise them according to your wish, and it will reorganise them on the go.

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This Scrivener alternative is a text editor created for creative writers. It is used by bloggers, many poets, and some students and also by published novelists all over the world. It also offers an integrated environment to inspiration, draft, reread and even submit the text on a specialised level.

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The Organon is a plugin for the LibreOffice and for OpenOffice. Organon is the one which allows to split up all large texts into some parts, it allows tagging and also opening parts of the project in a new tab. It offers wide-ranging import and export choices.

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Plume Creator

This Scrivener alternative is organised for writing the projects, scenes, some notes, and for writing characters. It consists of a rich text editing, a full-screen editing and also multiple projects. Plume Creator is the one that gives you an outliner, a disruption-free method, a note manager.

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Quoll Writer’s

This Scrivener alternative interface is attentive on what matters and in your words. It hires a familiar tabbed interface which allows you to work on many multiple chapters and properties at once.

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The Novlr is used by writers. We are using Novlr to be as simple as to use. There’s a lot of control in the background of Novlr. It sync to Dropbox or from Google Drive, or it export as a Word document.

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The Bear is very beautiful and a flexible writing app for note-taking as well as prose, both on the go for the iOS devices and for the Mac OS desktop.